About Categories

Historically, I am a nothing because I fit in no category. (Howard Hodgkin)

Wikipedia is universal, as it touches on every aspect of humanity, and for this same reason it is huge. This means that the view of negativity within all of Wikipedia is an extreme synthesis, and it is helpful to divide it into smaller parts that are somehow representative of different topics.

Negapedia divides Wikipedia into eleven macro categories (roughly corresponding to Wikipedia portals), ranking from Culture to Health to People and more. The negative side of each category can be seen separately, so to grasp the differences among various aspects of your society. These aggregate views per category have the same components of a single page: there are the recent negative behavior and the historical trend of both conflict and polemic, together with corresponding awards for categories.

Please note that the category of each page is automatically computed using a specialized algorithm, using a limited number of high-level categories, and as such it is a helpful but sometimes approximate attribution. Future versions of Negapedia are going to substantially improve on categorization.