About Awards

I don't deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don't deserve that either. (Jack Benny)

A way to see what are the most negative pages in Wikipedia is given by top tens, but in fact there is much more, as the battlefield is huge and many other pages also have exceptional negative properties. Moreover, it is helpful to view the relevant negative properties of a page directly from its negapedia view, and not by having to necessarily browse through all the top tens. This is the reason why Negapedia has negative awards (also called negawards) that are displayed in every negapedia page. These awards are granted for various negative reasons, mostly for rank: first place, second place, third place, top ten, top one hundred, top one thousand, top 1%.

Awards are granted at various levels, following the scheme also followed by top tens, therefore with combinations of time and categories.
Time: there are both all time awards and single year awards.
Categories: awards are granted both at global level (for all Wikipedia) and at local level (within the category the page belongs to).

Consequently, awards allow for a very usable synthesis of the outstanding negative properties of every page.