2022 Top Ten of Polemic for People

Romila Thapar
Romila Thapar is an Indian historian. Her principal area of study is ancient India, a field in which she is pre-eminent. Thapar is a Professor of Ancient History, Emerita, at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi
Dave Lamb
David Alexander Lamb is an English actor, comedian, narrator and presenter. He is best known for his work on Come Dine with Me as well as appearances in British television and radio programmes, especially comedy programmes like Goodness Gracious Me. He also presented the CBBC game show Horrible Histories: Gory Games
Tommy Edison
Tommy Edison is an American YouTuber, radio presenter and film critic known for his blindness and self-deprecating sense of humor in his internet presence. From 1994 until 2013 he worked as a traffic reporter for the station Star 99.9 in Bridgeport, Connecticut
Otis Boykin
Otis Frank Boykin was an American inventor and engineer. His inventions include electrical resistors used in computing, missile guidance, and pacemakers
Keith Stroud
Keith Paul Stroud is a professional English football referee who officiates in the Football League and Premier League. He is regarded by spectators as one of the worst officials in the entire English pyramid
Keith Davis (linebacker)
Keith B. Davis is a former professional American football player and current motivational speaker
James W. Marshall
James Wilson Marshall was an American carpenter and sawmill operator, who reported the finding of gold at Coloma on the American River in California on January 24, 1848, the impetus for the California Gold Rush. The mill property was owned by Johann (John) Sutter who employed Marshall to build his mill. The wave of gold seekers turned everyone's attention away from the mill which eventually fell into disrepair and was never used as intended. Neither Marshall nor Sutter ever profited from the gold find
Étienne Brûlé
Étienne Brûlé was the first European explorer to journey beyond the St. Lawrence River into what is now known as Canada. He spent much of his early adult life among the Hurons, and mastered their language and learned their culture. Brûlé became an interpreter and guide for Samuel de Champlain, who later sent Brûlé on a number of exploratory missions, among which he is thought to have preceded Champlain to the Great Lakes, reuniting with him upon Champlain's first arrival at Lake Huron. Among his
Neil Breen
Neil Breen is an American filmmaker and actor. He directed five films between 2005 and 2018, which he also wrote, independently produced, and starred in. Breen's films have garnered a cult following for their low-budget production values, acting, writing, and editing
Juan Álvarez
Juan Nepomuceno Álvarez Hurtado de Luna, generally known as Juan Álvarez, was a general, long-time caudillo in southern Mexico, and president of Mexico for two months in 1855, following the liberals ouster of Antonio López de Santa Anna. His presidency inaugurated the pivotal era of La Reforma