2021 Top Ten of Polemic for History

Operation Tagar
Operation Tagar is the name of an Israeli Air Force operation which took place over Egypt on the October 7, 1973, the second day of the Yom Kippur War
Law of April 6, 1830
The Law of April 6, 1830 was issued because of the Mier y Terán Report to counter concerns that Mexican Texas, part of the border state of Coahuila y Tejas was in danger of being annexed by the United States. Immigration of United States citizens, some legal, most illegal, had begun to accelerate. The law specifically banned any additional American colonists from settling in Mexican Territory It also stopped the import of more slaves into Texas
Battle of Mouzaki
The Battle of Mouzaki occurred on 4 May 1878 between Greek irregulars with the cover support of the Greek Army against the Ottoman forces
Confederate States Army
The Confederate States Army, also called the Confederate Army or the Southern Army, was the military land force of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War (1861–1865), fighting against the United States forces in order to uphold the institution of slavery in the Southern states. On February 28, 1861, the Provisional Confederate Congress established a provisional volunteer army and gave control over military operations and authority for mustering state forces and volunteers to the
Bharat Gold Mines Limited
Bharat Gold Mines Limited or in short BGML is a public sector undertaking of the Government of India. It owns Kolar Gold Fields
Tokushi Zeigi
The Tokushi Zeigi (読史贅議) is an analysis of Japanese historic persons by Saitō Chikudō. This book covers both politicians and servicemen. Tokushi Zeigi is different from other Japanese history books of those days. Chikudō evaluated historic persons by their political ability, not their personal morality
Gurjaras of Lata
The Gurjaras of Lata, also known as Gurjaras of Nandipuri or Bharuch Gurjaras, was a dynasty which ruled Lata region as a feudatory of different dynasties from c. 580 CE to c. 738 CE
Rosshall Academy
Rosshall Academy is a secondary school in the Rosshall (Crookston) area of Glasgow, Scotland. The school was formed in August 1999 to merge Penilee Secondary School (Penilee) and Crookston Castle Secondary School (Pollok) and moved to a new building roughly equidistant between them on Crookston Road in 2002. It holds over 1,100 pupils
Johnstown Castle
Johnstown Castle is a Gothic Revival castle located in County Wexford, Ireland
List of the Ogiso
This is a list of the independent Ogisos (Kings) of Igodomigodo, which was to become the Benin Empire, from 40 BCE to 1100 CE. The dating is based on the recollection made by Daryl Peavy of the oral traditions of the Edo people. The Ogiso were assisted by seven nobles called the "Uzama". During the reign of ogisos, Edo lands were called Igodomigodo and they had administrative centers or capitals at Ubinu which was later called Benin City. Community autonomy was given to each community by the Ogiso during