2020 Top Ten of Polemic for Religion

Aamon, in demonology, is a Grand Marquis of Hell who governs 40 infernal legions, and the 7th spirit of the Goetia. He is the demon of life and reproduction
In Greek mythology, King Polydectes was the ruler of the island of Seriphos
Mosaic covenant
The Mosaic covenant, also known as the Sinaitic covenant, refers to a biblical covenant between God and the biblical Israelites, including their proselytes. The mosaic covenant is not limited to the ten commandments nor to merely the event when they were given. The covenant includes rather the entirety of laws that Moses delivered from God and are scattered within the five books of Torah. These biblically mandated laws are sometimes called "d'oraita laws" -- after the Aramaic term "oraita," for "Torah
List of Jewish biblical figures
This is a list of Jewish biblical figures
Creek mythology
Creek mythology is related to a Muscogee tribe who are originally from the southeastern United States, also known by their original name Mvskoke, the name they use to identify themselves today. Mvskoke is their name in traditional spelling. Modern Muscogees live primarily in Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Their language, Mvskoke, is a member of the Eastern branch of the Muskogean language family. The Seminole are close kin to the Mvskoke and speak an Eastern Muskogean language as well. The
Afnán, is a term in literature of the Baháʼí Faith referring to maternal relatives of the Báb, and is used as a surname by their descendants. This name is also mentioned in the Quran
Caca (mythology)
In ancient Roman religion and myth, Caca or Cacia is the giantess sister of Cacus, the son of Vulcan who stole cattle from Hercules during the course of his western labors. Caca betrays her brother by revealing the location of the cattle to Hercules, who had in turn stolen the cattle from Geryon
Reclaim Australia
Reclaim Australia is a far-right Australian nationalist protest group which is associated with nationalist and neo-Nazi hate groups. The group was formed in 2015, holding street rallies in cities across Australia to protest against Islam. It has protested in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle and Canberra. Reclaim Australia has also been described as a loose collective of groups
Gabr is a New Persian term originally used to denote a Zoroastrian
Matthew 7:7–8
Matthew 7:7–8 are the seventh and eighth verses of the seventh chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament and is part of the Sermon on the Mount. These verses begin an important metaphor generally believed to be about prayer