2014 Top Ten of Polemic

In Māori culture, Matariki is both the name of the Pleiades star cluster and of the celebration of its first rising in late June or early July. This marked the beginning of the new year in the Māori lunar calendar
Plant reproduction
Plant reproduction is the production of new offspring in plants, which can be accomplished by sexual or asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction produces offspring by the fusion of gametes, resulting in offspring genetically different from either parent. Asexual reproduction produces new individuals without the fusion of gametes. The resulting clonal plants are genetically identical to the parent plant and each other, unless mutations occur
Ancient Egyptian agriculture
The civilization of ancient Egypt was indebted to the Nile River and its dependable seasonal flooding. The river's predictability and fertile soil allowed the Egyptians to build an empire on the basis of great agricultural wealth. Egyptians are credited as being one of the first groups of people to practice agriculture on a large scale. This was possible because of the ingenuity of the Egyptians as they developed basin irrigation. Their farming practices allowed them to grow staple food crops, especially
Morongla Creek, New South Wales
Morongla Creek is a small town in Cowra Shire, New South Wales, Australia. It has a population of about 40 people and is 13 km south of Cowra by road. Other nearby districts and/or villages are: Neila Creek, Cocomingla, Cucumgilliga, Wattamondara, Koorawatha and Noonbinna
Federal government of Mexico
The Federal government of Mexico is the national government of the United Mexican States, the central government established by its constitution to share sovereignty over the republic with the governments of the 31 individual Mexican states, and to represent such governments before international bodies such as the United Nations. The Mexican federal government has three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial and functions per the Constitution of the United Mexican States, as enacted in 1917, and as
Polar climate
The polar climate regions are characterized by a lack of warm summers. Every month in a polar climate has an average temperature of less than 10 °C (50 °F). Regions with polar climate cover more than 20% of the Earth's area. Most of these regions are far from the equator, and in this case, winter days are extremely short and summer days are extremely long. A polar climate consists of cool summers and very cold winters, which results in treeless tundra, glaciers, or a permanent or semi-permanent layer
Everybody Dance (video game)
Everybody Dance is a 2011 competitive dance game developed by London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game utilizes the PlayStation Move controller for dancing
Pavel Gintov
Pavel Gintov is a classical pianist. Gintov currently studies with acclaimed Professor Nina Svetlanova at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, where he is now completing his Doctoral studies
Allison Fonte
Allison Fonte is an American actress and pianist who was a 12- to 13-year-old mousketeer of seasons 5-6 of the television show The Mickey Mouse Club, a 1977 revival of the Disney television show that had originally aired between 1955 and 1959
List of Wizards of Waverly Place episodes
The following is a list of episodes and film for the Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place. The series premiered from October 12, 2007 to January 6, 2012 spanning 4 seasons, and produced 106 episodes along with an hour-long "return" episode that premiered on March 15, 2013