2013 Top Ten of Polemic for Geography

Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy
The Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy is a public school operated as part of the Eagle County Schools District, in Eagle County, Colorado, United States. It provides students in fifth through twelfth grades with a flexible schedule that allows them to participate in skiing and snowboarding training programs at Vail Ski Resort, making it the first public winter sports academy in the United States
Polk County, Florida paleontological sites
The Polk County paleontological sites are assemblages of Early Miocene to Late Pleistocene vertebrates occurring in Polk County, Florida, United States
Deer Creek Public Schools
Deer Creek Public Schools serves students in northwestern Oklahoma County and southwestern Logan County in Oklahoma. As of October 2018, the district enrolls 6,646 students
Hereward House School
Hereward House School, also known as HHS, is an Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) independent preparatory school for boys aged 4 to 13, located in Hampstead, London on 14 Strathray Gardens, near to Swiss Cottage and Finchley Road. It prepares boys for both London day schools and London boarding schools
Floods in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a land of many rivers. It is very prone to flooding due to being situated on the Brahmaputra River Delta and the many distributaries flowing into the Bay of Bengal. Due to being part of such a basin and being less than 5 metres above mean sea level, Bangladesh faces the cumulative effects of floods due to water flashing from nearby hills, the accumulation of the inflow of water from upstream catchments, and locally heavy rainfall enhanced by drainage congestion. Bangladesh faces this problem
Pink Lake (Western Australia)
Pink Lake is a salt lake in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia. Although historically the water in the lake was visibly pink, as of 2017 it had not been pink for over ten years. Salt concentration is vital to Pink Lake's pink hue, and Pink Lake may turn pink again as conditions change. It lies about 3 kilometres (2 mi) west of Esperance and is bounded to the east by the South Coast Highway
Climate of New York (state)
The climate of New York state is generally humid continental, while the extreme southeastern portion of the state lies in the warmer humid subtropical climate zone. Winter temperatures average below freezing during January and February in much of New York state, but several degrees above freezing along the Atlantic coastline, including New York City
South Auckland
South Auckland is an imprecisely defined urban area of Auckland, New Zealand, with a young population, a relatively large Polynesian and Māori demographic, and lower incomes than other parts of Auckland. The name South Auckland, though not an official place name, has come into common use among New Zealanders. It also appears in the names of some organisations and companies
Second New Deal
The Second New Deal is a term used by historians to characterize the second stage, 1935–36, of the New Deal programs of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In his address to Congress in January 1935, Roosevelt called for five major goals: improved use of national resources, security against old age, unemployment and illness, and slum clearance, national work relief program to replace direct relief efforts. It included programs to redistribute wealth, income, and power in favor of the poor, the old, farmers
Environmental issues in Greece
This page covers environmental issues in Greece