2012 Top Ten of Polemic for Mathematics

Determinacy is a subfield of set theory, a branch of mathematics, that examines the conditions under which one or the other player of a game has a winning strategy, and the consequences of the existence of such strategies. Alternatively and similarly, "determinacy" is the property of a game whereby such a strategy exists
Table of prime factors
The tables contain the prime factorization of the natural numbers from 1 to 1000
Seven management and planning tools
The seven management and planning tools have their roots in operations research work done after World War II and the Japanese total quality control (TQC) research
Categorical theory
In mathematical logic, a theory is categorical if it has exactly one model. Such a theory can be viewed as defining its model, uniquely characterizing its structure
9000 (number)
9000 is the natural number following 8999 and preceding 9001
Fano plane
In finite geometry, the Fano plane is the finite projective plane of order 2. It is the finite projective plane with the smallest possible number of points and lines: 7 points and 7 lines, with 3 points on every line and 3 lines through every point. The standard notation for this plane, as a member of a family of projective spaces, is PG(2, 2) where PG stands for "projective geometry", the first parameter is the geometric dimension and the second parameter is the order
Audio leveler
An audio leveler performs an audio process similar to compression, which is used to reduce the dynamic range of a signal, so that the quietest portion of the signal is loud enough to hear and the loudest portion is not too loud
List of mathematical shapes
Following is a list of some mathematically well-defined shapes
Family of curves
A family of curves is a set of curves, each of which is given by a function or parametrization in which one or more of the parameters is variable. In general, the parameter(s) influence the shape of the curve in a way that is more complicated than a simple linear transformation. Sets of curves given by an implicit relation may also represent families of curves
Theseus and the Minotaur
Theseus and the Minotaur is a type of logic maze designed by Robert Abbott. In this maze, the player acts as Theseus, the king of Athens who is attempting to escape the Labyrinth. The main difference between this and the standard type of labyrinth, beyond the fact that it is set on a grid, is the fact that the maze is not empty, but also contains a Minotaur who hunts the player down, taking two steps for every one the player takes