Zwickauer Mulde

The Zwickauer Mulde is a river in Saxony, Germany. It is the left tributary of the Mulde and 166 km (103 mi) in length.
The Schwentine is a river in the North German state of Schleswig-Holstein. It is approximately 62 kilometres (39 mi) long and rises on the hill of Bungsberg, the highest point in the state, near the village of Kasseedorf in Ostholstein. It then runs from
The Kossau is a stream in the district of Plön in eastern Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It drains the lake Tresdorfer See and flows past Lütjenburg and through the Großer Binnensee before entering the Baltic Sea near Hohwacht. The stream was dammed near
Varreler Bäke
The Varreler Bäke is a stream of Lower Saxony and Bremen, Germany
Uffe (Wieda)
The Uffe is a river in the states Lower Saxony and Thuringia, Germany
Wörpe is a river in the northern part of the state of Lower Saxony in Germany, a tributary of the Wümme
Schmalwasser is a river of Lower Saxony, Germany on the southern edge of the Lüneburg Heath
Freiberger Mulde
The Freiberger Mulde is the right-hand, 124-kilometre-long (77 mi) headstream of the river Mulde, whose catchment covers an area of 2,981 km2 (1,151 sq mi) in the Czech Republic and Germany in central Saxony. It has a volumetric flow of 35.3 m3/s (1
Prüm (river)
The Prüm is a river in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, left tributary of the Sauer
Kleine Aller
The Kleine Aller is a tributary of the Aller in the German state of Lower Saxony. It is about 23 kilometres (14 mi) long and up to 5 metres (16 ft) wide, and flows from north to south through the district of Gifhorn and the city of Wolfsburg
Melania Dalla Costa
Melania Dalla Costa is an Italian-born French actress, screenwriter, film producer and activist. She wrote, produced and acted in the film I Sogni Sospesi, which was screened at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. She received several awards and