William Wesley Peters

William Wesley Peters was an American architect and engineer, apprentice to and protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright.
William Seymour Jr.
William Seymour, Jr. was an American banker who twice served as president of the New York Stock Exchange
Robert Halliday (businessman)
Robert Halliday was a Scottish-American businessman
Ames Van Wart
Ames Van Wart was an American sculpture artist who lived in Europe
George Ellis Baker
George Ellis Baker was an American merchant, town clerk and state legislator
Francis L. Eames
Francis Luther Eames was an American banker and historian who served as president of the New York Stock Exchange
John Van Schaick
John Van Schaick was an American lawyer and politician from Schoharie County, New York
David B. McVean
David Bowie McVean was a Scottish-American banker who served as president of the Bay Ridge Savings Bank
John De Peyster Douw
Johannes "John" De Peyster Douw was an American merchant, lawyer, soldier and civic leader
Augustus Rodney Macdonough
Augustus Rodney Macdonough was an American lawyer, newspaper editor, and Secretary of the Erie Railroad for twenty-five years
Andrei Simonov
Andrei Dmitrievich Simonov was a Russian Armed Forces major general serving as Chief of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the 2nd Army of the Western Military District