White supremacy

White supremacy or white supremacism is the racist belief that white people are superior to people of other races and therefore should be dominant over them. White supremacy has roots in scientific racism, and it often relies on pseudoscientific arguments. Like most similar movements such as neo-Nazism, white supremacists typically oppose members of other races as well as Jews. The term is also typically used to describe a political ideology that perpetuates and maintains the social, political, historical
Dabru Emet
The Dabru Emet (Heb. דברו אמת "Speak [the] Truth") is a document concerning the relationship between Christianity and Judaism. It was signed by over 220 rabbis and intellectuals from all branches of Judaism, as individuals and not as representing
University Place (Manhattan)
University Place is a short north–south thoroughfare in Manhattan, New York City, which runs from Washington Square Park in the south as a continuation of Washington Square East, taking the position of Madison Avenue uptown, and terminates at East 14th
Sara Adler
Sara Adler (née Levitskaya, Britannica gives Levitsky; 26 May 1858 – 28 April 1953) was a Russian-born Jewish actress in Yiddish theater who made her career mainly in the United States. She was the third wife of Jacob Adler and the mother of prominent
Roy Frankhouser
Roy Everett Frankhouser, Jr. (also spelled "Frankhauser"), (November 4, 1939 – May 15, 2009) was a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, a member of the American Nazi Party, a government informant, and a security consultant to Lyndon LaRouche. Frankhouser
Tseno Ureno
The Tseno Ureno (Yiddish: צאנה וראינה‎), also spelt Tsene-rene, sometimes called the Women's Bible, was a Yiddish-language prose work of c.1590s whose structure parallels the weekly Torah portions of the Pentateuch and Haftarahs used in Jewish
Bessie Thomashefsky
Bessie Thomashefsky (1873 – July 6, 1962) was a Russian-born Jewish American singer, actress and comedian, a star in Yiddish theater beginning in the 1890s. She was the wife and stage partner of Boris Thomashefsky, the most popular Yiddish leading man
The Parting of the Sea
The Parting of the Sea: How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Exodus Story is a book written by Barbara J. Sivertsen in 2009.A review in the Library Journal concluded "Intriguing ideas recommend this well-written, well-researched work to
Sarah Bas Tovim
Sarah Bas Tovim (lived in the late 17th and early 18th centuries) was a Ukrainian Jew, author of Shloshe Shearim ("Three Portals") the most widely circulated of the tkhines, Yiddish-language prayer booklets intended mainly for Jewish women. Dovid Katz
Jacob ben Isaac Ashkenazi
Rabbi Jacob ben Isaac Ashkenazi (1550–1625), of Janów (near Lublin, Poland), was the author of the Tseno Ureno, sometimes called the "Women's Bible", a Yiddish-language prose work written around the 1590s whose structure parallels the weekly portions
White nationalism
White nationalism is a type of nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that white people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a white national identity. Its proponents identify with and are attached to the concept of a white