USS Raritan

At least three United States Navy ships have been named USS Raritan, after the Raritan River in New Jersey.USS Raritan (1843) was a sailing frigate launched in 1843 USCGC Raritan (WYT-93) was a harbor tug, commissioned into the United States Coast Guard in 1939, transferred to the Navy in 1941, transferred back to the Coast Guard in 1946, and decommissioned in 1988 USS Raritan (LSM-540) was a landing ship commissioned in 1945 and decommissioned in 1959
USS Boise
Two ships of the United States Navy have borne the name Boise, after Boise, Idaho.USS Boise (CL-47), was a light cruiser commissioned in 1938. The ship was later sold to Argentina. USS Boise (SSN-764), is a Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine
USS Sumner
Sumner has been the name of four ships in the United States Navy. The destroyers, DD-333 and DD-692, were named after World War I Marine Corps Captain Allen Melancthon Sumner. The survey ships, AGS-5 and T-AGS-61, were named after the 19th century Navy
USS Suwanee
USS Suwanee or Suwannee may refer to one of these United States Navy ships:USS Suwanee (1864), a double-ended side-wheel gunboat commissioned in February 1865, sent in pursuit of Confederate States Navy commerce raiders until the end of the American
USS Madison
USS Madison may refer to the following ships of the United States Navy:USS Madison (1812), was a 22-gun corvette launched in 1812 on Lake Ontario and served in the War of 1812 USS Madison (1832), was a Van Buren-class schooner built in 1832 for United
USS Norfolk
USS Norfolk may refer to:USS Norfolk (1798) was a brig during the Quasi-War with France Norfolk (CL-118) was a light cruiser renamed Chattanooga prior to construction Norfolk (CA-137) was a heavy cruiser laid down in December 1944 at the Philadelphia
USS Philadelphia
USS Philadelphia may refer to:USS Philadelphia (1776) was a gunboat built in 1776 on Lake Champlain and sunk during the Battle of Valcour Island USS Philadelphia (1799) was a 36-gun sailing frigate active in the Quasi-War, captured in the First
USS Catawba
Five ships of the United States Navy have been named Catawba, after the Catawba River of North Carolina.USS Catawba, was an ironclad built for use in the American Civil War, but never commissioned and sold to Peru, where she was renamed Atahualpa and
Asemeia may refer to:Asemeia (moth) - a moth genus in the family Pyralidae Asemeia (plant) - a plant genus in the family Polygalaceae
USS New Orleans
USS New Orleans may refer to:USS New Orleans (1815), was a ship-of-the-line laid down in January 1815 but her construction was halted and she remained on the stocks, housed over, until sold in September 1883 USS New Orleans (CL-22), was a New Orleans
MV Island Discovery
The MV Island Discovery is the first vessel in the Island-class ferry series, owned and operated by BC Ferries. Built by Damen Shipyards in 2019 along with the Island Aurora, these vessels make up the first phase of Island-class vessels. The Island