USS North Carolina (1820)

USS North Carolina was a 74-gun ship of the line in the United States Navy. One of the "nine ships to rate not less than 74 guns each" authorized by Congress on 29 April 1816, she was laid down in 1818 by the Philadelphia Navy Yard, launched on 7 September 1820, and fitted out in the Norfolk Navy Yard. Master Commandant Charles W. Morgan was assigned to North Carolina as her first commanding officer on 24 June 1824.
USS Columbus (1774)
The first USS Columbus was a ship in the Continental Navy. Built as a merchant ship at Philadelphia in 1774 as Sally, she was purchased from Willing, Morris & Co., for the Continental Navy in November 1775, Captain Abraham Whipple was given command
USS Baltimore (1798)
USS Baltimore was a ship of the United States Navy
USS Raritan (1843)
The first USS Raritan was a wooden-hulled, three-masted sailing frigate of the United States Navy built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, laid down in 1820, but not launched until 13 June 1843, sponsored by Commodore Frederick Engle. She was one of the last
USS Bourbon
USS Bourbon was a frigate in the Continental Navy, named for the House of Bourbon
USS Raritan
At least three United States Navy ships have been named USS Raritan, after the Raritan River in New Jersey.USS Raritan (1843) was a sailing frigate launched in 1843 USCGC Raritan (WYT-93) was a harbor tug, commissioned into the United States Coast
USS Congress (1841)
USS Congress (1841)—the fourth United States Navy ship to carry that name—was a sailing frigate, like her predecessor, USS Congress (1799
USS Effingham (1777)
Effingham, a 32-gun frigate of the Continental Navy named after The 3rd Earl of Effingham, was built at Philadelphia in 1776 and 1777, and Captain John Barry was ordered to command her. When the British took possession of Philadelphia in September 1777
USS Lexington (1776)
The first USS Lexington of the Thirteen Colonies was a brigantine purchased in 1776. The Lexington was an 86-foot two-mast wartime sailing ship for the fledgling Continental Navy of the Colonists during the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783
USS Enterprise (1831)
The fourth USS Enterprise was a United States Navy schooner
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