A trident is a three-pronged spear. It is used for spear fishing and historically as a polearm.
The Legend of Knockgrafton
"The Legend of Knockgrafton" is an Irish folk tale/fairy tale published by T. Crofton Croker in Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland (1825
Keman , is a Buddhist ritual decoration, placed hanging on the beam of the inner sanctuary before the enshrined Buddha, in the main hall of the temple
A shuihu or shui hu, is a legendary creature said to have inhabited river systems in what is now Hubei Province in China
Thomas o Yonderdale
Thomas o Yonderdale is Child ballad number 253; Roud number 3890. Child assessed that this "apocryphal" ballad seemed like a recent fabrication from a pastiche of other ballads
Hoyau or hoyau kamui, in Ainu mythology, is a type of malodorous and venomous dragon or dragon god, believed to thrive in summer or near fire, but lose strength in the cold, whose trait earns it the alternative name of sak-somo-ayep
Paul Delarue
Paul Alfred Delarue, born 20 April 1889 in Saint-Didier, Nièvre, died 25 July 1956 in Autun, Saône-et-Loire, was a French folklorist
Ysgithyrwyn Chief Boar, Yskithyrwyn Benbaedd or "White-tusk chief of Boars" is another boar being hunted, secondary to the great boar Twrch Trwyth by the Arthur's wild chase party in the Welsh Arthurian romance Culhwch ac Olwen
Saho Sasazawa
Sasazawa Saho was a Japanese author, known as the creator of the Kogarashi Monjirō novels, which became a hit televised drama series
Scéla Conchobair
Scéla Conchobair maic Nessa or the Tidings of Conchobar mac Nessa is a title invented by Whitley Stokes for a short prose piece from the Ulster Cycle preserved in the 12th-century manuscript, the Book of Leinster. It is interpolated with lore not found
Chalceus guaporensis
Chalceus guaporensis is a species of freshwater fish in the family Chalceidae that inhabits northern South America. Alongside C. epakros and C. spilogyros, it was added to the genus Chalceus in the year 2004