Tracheomalacia is a condition or incident where the cartilage that keeps the airway (trachea) open is soft such that the trachea partly collapses especially during increased airflow. This condition is most commonly seen in infants and young children. The usual symptom is stridor when a person breathes out. This is usually known as a collapsed windpipe.
Adiposogenital dystrophy
Adiposogenital dystrophy is a condition that may be caused by tertiary hypogonadism originating from decreased levels in GnRH. Low levels of GnRH has been associated with defects of the feeding centers of the hypothalamus, leading to an increased
Toddler's fracture
Toddler's fractures are bone fractures of the distal (lower) part of the shin bone (tibia) in toddlers and other young children. The fracture is found in the distal two thirds of the tibia in 95% of cases, is undisplaced and has a spiral pattern. It
Ovarian vein syndrome
In medicine, ovarian vein syndrome is a rare condition in which a dilated ovarian vein compresses the ureter. This causes chronic or colicky abdominal pain, back pain and/or pelvic pain. The pain can worsen on lying down or between ovulation and
Critical illness–related corticosteroid insufficiency
Critical illness–related corticosteroid insufficiency is a form of adrenal insufficiency in critically ill patients who have blood corticosteroid levels which are inadequate for the severe stress response they experience. Combined with decreased
Lupus headache
Lupus headache is a proposed, specific headache disorder in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Research shows that headache is a symptom commonly described by SLE patients —57% in one meta-analysis, ranging in different studies from 33
Free-living Amoebozoa infection
Free-living amoebae in the Amoebozoa group are important causes of disease in humans and animals
Dolichocolon is an abnormally long large intestine. It should not be confused with an abnormally wide large intestine, which is called a megacolon
König's syndrome
König's syndrome is a syndrome of abdominal pain in relation to meals, constipation alternated with diarrhea, meteorism, gurgling sounds (hyper-peristalsis) on auscultation, and abdominal distension
Dermatosis neglecta
Dermatosis neglecta is a skin condition in which accumulation of sebum, keratin, sweat, dirt and debris leads to a localized patch of skin discoloration or a wart-like plaque. It is caused by inadequate hygiene of a certain body part, usually due to some
MasterChef Celebrity Argentina
MasterChef Celebrity Argentina is an Argentine gastronomy reality show contest produced by Boxfish TV for Telefe. It is the national variant of the television program and franchise MasterChef in which celebrities from Argentina participate. The program is