The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (SFE) is an English language reference work on science fiction, first published in 1979. It has won the Hugo, Locus and British SF Awards. Two print editions appeared in 1979 and 1993. A third, continuously revised, edition was published online from 2011; a change of web host was announced as the launch of a fourth edition in 2021.
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is a webcomic by Reinder Dijkhuis. It was started in 1991 as a small-press comic in Dutch, entitled De Rovers van Clwyd-Rhan. It had an online incarnation in Dutch from November 1994 to August 1996, making it one of the first
Borgo Press
The Borgo Press was a small publishing company founded by Robert Reginald in 1975 funded by the royalties gained from his first major reference work, Stella Nova: the contemporary science fiction authors (1970
Edward James (historian)
Edward Frederick James is a British scholar of medieval history and science fiction. He is Emeritus Professor of Medieval History at University College, Dublin. James received the Hugo Award for his non-fiction book The Cambridge Companion to Science
Colin Greenland
Colin Greenland is a British science fiction writer, whose first story won the second prize in a 1982 Faber & Faber competition. His best-known novel is Take Back Plenty (1990), winner of both major British science fiction awards, the 1990 British SF
Saul Friedman
Saul Friedman was an American political journalist and educator. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1968
Michael M. Levy
Michael M. Levy (1950–2017) was an American writer, critic and professor of English and philosophy at the University of Wisconsin–Stout. He was known for his scholarly contributions to speculative fiction and children's literature, and for his book
The Tawny Man Trilogy
The Tawny Man Trilogy is a series of novels by American author Robin Hobb, and the third trilogy in the Realm of the Elderlings sequence. Narrated in first person by FitzChivalry Farseer, it follows his life in his mid-thirties, and is set after the
Hyperion Press
Hyperion Press was an American publishing company, based in Westport, Connecticut. In the 1970s, it published science fiction and science fiction studies – including reissues of several books first published by World Publ. Co. of Cleveland – and
Science Fiction Awards Database
The Science Fiction Awards Database (SFADB) is an index of science fiction, fantasy, and horror awards compiled by Mark R. Kelly and published by the Locus Science Fiction Foundation. Known formerly as the Locus Index to SF Awards, it has been cited as an
Federico Ruiz (composer)
Federico Ruiz Hurtado is a Venezuelan composer, arranger, and arts administrator. He has composed in diverse genres including symphonic, chamber, and electroacoustic music