Terrorism, in its broadest sense, is the use of violence and fear to achieve an ideological aim. The term is used in this regard primarily to refer to intentional violence during peacetime or in the context of war against non-combatants. The terms "terrorist" and "terrorism" originated during the French Revolution of the late 18th century but became widely used internationally and gained worldwide attention in the 1970s during the Northern Ireland conflict, the Basque conflict, and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The increased use of suicide attacks from the 1980s onwards was typified by the 2001 September 11 attacks in the United States.
Definition of terrorism
There is no universal agreement on the legal definition of terrorism, although there exists a consensus academic definition created by scholars
State terrorism
State terrorism refers to acts of terrorism which a state conducts against another state or against its own citizens
Suicide attack
A suicide attack is any violent attack, usually entailing the attacker detonating an explosive, where the attacker has accepted their own death as a direct result of the attacking method used. Suicide attacks have occurred throughout history, often as
History of terrorism
The history of terrorism is a history of well-known and historically significant individuals, entities, and incidents associated, whether rightly or wrongly, with terrorism. Scholars agree that terrorism is a disputed term, and very few of those labeled
Counterterrorism, also known as anti-terrorism, incorporates the practice, military tactics, techniques, and strategy that governments, military, law enforcement, business, and intelligence agencies use to combat or eliminate terrorism. Counter-terrorism
War on terror
The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), popularly known as the war on terror, is the term that refers to an ongoing international military campaign launched by the United States government following the September 11 attacks. The targets of the campaign are
Lycée-Collège d'État Émile Letournel
Lycée-Collège d'État Émile Letournel is a combined junior high school and senior high school/sixth-form college on the island of Saint-Pierre, in Saint Pierre and Miquelon. It was named after a famous French orthopaedic surgeon, Émile Letournel
Albert Hartl
Albert Hartl (1904–1982) was a former Catholic priest in Germany who joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party in 1933 and the Sicherheitsdienst the following year
Ronald W. Zweig
Ronald W. Zweig is an Australian-Israeli historian specializing in Hebrew and Judaic studies, with particular reference to the British Mandate in Palestine. He is currently the Marilyn and Henry Taub Professor of Israel Studies at New York University (NYU
France Bleu Pays de Savoie
France Bleu Pays de Savoie, sometimes referred to as France Bleu Savoie, is a generalist radio station based in Chambéry. The radio station serves the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, though it can also be received as far as Geneva, Lyon, and in