Swallowing, sometimes called deglutition in scientific contexts, is the process in the human or animal body that allows for a substance to pass from the mouth, to the pharynx, and into the esophagus, while shutting the epiglottis. Swallowing is an important part of eating and drinking. If the process fails and the material goes through the trachea, then choking or pulmonary aspiration can occur. In the human body the automatic temporary closing of the epiglottis is controlled by the swallowing reflex.
Firmisternal denotes a morphology of the pectoral girdle of frogs. In firmisternal girdles, the epicoracoid cartilages are fused anteriorly and posteriorly, and usually have an omosternum present. This is in contrast to the other predominant morphology
San Diego Municipality
San Diego Municipality may refer to:San Diego, Cesar, Colombia San Diego, Zacapa, Guatemala San Diego Municipality, Carabobo, Venezuela
Aircraft 140
Aircraft 140 may refer to:serial number 140, of an aircraft model aircraft registration tail number 140Aircraft modelsOKB-1 140, a Soviet forward-swept-wing jet prototype Agusta GA.140 Amiot 140 Antonov An-140 ANF Les Mureaux 140T Avro Canada TS-140 Blohm
Urethroscopy is examination of the interior of the urethra, and sometimes also the bladder, using a urethroscope, which is a very small camera on the end of a rigid or flexible probe
Venustiano Carranza Municipality
Venustiano Carranza Municipality may refer to:Venustiano Carranza Municipality, Chiapas - one of the municipalities of Chiapas Venustiano Carranza Municipality, Michoacán - one of the municipalities of Michoacán Venustiano Carranza Municipality, Puebla
Arciferal denotes a morphology of the pectoral girdle of frogs. In arciferal girdles, the epicoracoid cartilages are fused anteriorly, but are separate and overlapping posteriorly. This is in contrast to the other predominant morphology, a firmisternal
Isembard (vassal of Charlemagne)
Isembard was a vassal (vassus) of Charlemagne. According to the Vita Hludovici, in 805 he took part in Louis the Pious's campaign against the Emirate of Córdoba. He, along with Adhemar, Bera and Burrellus, was one of the leaders of the raiding party that
Bee vac
A bee vac is a type of vacuum cleaner, factory-made or home-made, designed to suck up live honeybees without killing or damaging them. It can be used to remove bees when capturing a feral colony, or where a swarm has settled
Jakob Stenius den yngre
Jakob Stenius the Younger, called Koski-Jaakko, born 2 February 1732, died February 5, 1809, was a Finnish priest and engineer, son of Jakob Stenius the
Inzer (surname)
Inzer is a surname. People with that surname include:Drew Inzer, American football offensive lineman James C. Inzer (1887–1967), 16th Lieutenant Governor of Alabama William H. Inzer (1906–1978), Justice of the Supreme Court of