Super Fly (1972 film)

Super Fly is a 1972 American blaxploitation neo-noir crime drama film directed by Gordon Parks Jr. and starring Ron O'Neal as Youngblood Priest, an African American cocaine dealer who is trying to quit the underworld drug business. The film is well known for its soundtrack, written and produced by soul musician Curtis Mayfield. It was released on August 4, 1972.
The Return of Superfly
The Return of Superfly is a 1990 American crime drama film directed by Sig Shore. The film is a sequel to the 1973 film Super Fly T.N.T.. It stars Nathan Purdee as Youngblood Priest and Margaret Avery
The King and the People
The King and the People is a 2013 documentary film by Simon Bright, a Zimbabwean filmmaker. It follows problems of Swaziland, a landlocked country in southern Africa
Dieter Schulte (football manager)
Dieter Schulte is a German football manager
Trupi dhe Shëndeti
Trupi dhe Shëndeti is an Albanian syndicated medical daytime television talk show that originally aired in 1962 it is the longest running television show in Albania
Magazine féminin
Magazine féminin is a French game show that aired on RTF from April 21, 1952 to February 2, 1970. Presented by Maïté Célérier de Sannois
Les Coulisses de l'exploit
Les Coulisses de l'exploit was a monthly television sports news program created by Jacques Goddet, it was broadcast on RTF between December 13, 1961 to August 16, 1972
Lectures pour tous
Lectures pour tous was the first french television show discussing Literature. The show was created and presented by Pierre Dumayet, it was broadcast from March 27 1953 to May 8 1968, on RTF
1996 Turkish Cup Final
The 1996 Turkish Cup Final was a football match played over two legs in April 1996. It was the final and deciding match of the 1995–96 Turkish Cup
La Tête et les Jambes
La Tête et les Jambes is a French game show which was broadcast from October 20 1960 to September 15 1975 to June 26 1978. It was created by Jacques Antoine in 1957 as a sequence in the show Télé Match, it was presented by Pierre Bellemare
Voyage sans passeport
Voyage sans passeport was a French travel review series which was broadcast on RTF between 1957-1969