Stations of the Crass

Stations of the Crass is the second album by Crass, released in 1979. The record, originally released as a double 12", includes live tracks from a gig recorded at the Pied Bull pub in Islington, London, on 7 August 1979. The first three sides contain the studio tracks and play at 45 rpm, while the final side comprises the live material and plays at 33 rpm. The album's title is not only a pun on the Catholic rite of the Stations of the Cross, but is also a reference to the graffiti campaign that the band had been conducting around London's underground railway system, the cover artwork depicting a wall at Bond Street tube station that had allegedly been 'decorated' by them. Although the album met mixed critical reception at first, it managed to sell at least 20,000 copies within two weeks.
Over and Out (Tar album)
Over and Out is the fourth and final studio album by American post-hardcore band Tar, released in 1995 through Touch and Go Records
Toast (Tar album)
Toast is a studio album by American post-hardcore band Tar, released in 1993 through Touch and Go Records
Move (The Original Sins album)
Move is the fourth studio album by garage rock band The Original Sins, released in 1992 through Psonik Records. The album was intended to be a break into mainstream music for the band, but the record sold poorly among its initial release. The album's
Beheaded (album)
Beheaded is the second studio album by Texas-based indie rock band Bedhead, released 1996 through Trance Syndicate. The album was released in the United Kingdom through Rough Trade, and was reissued on compact disc format through Touch & Go Records on
Dehumanization (album)
Dehumanization is the only full-length album by American hardcore punk band Crucifix. Released in 1983, it is regarded as one of the classic anarcho-punk records, as well as an important D-beat record
The Feeding of the 5000 (album)
The Feeding of the 5000 is the first album by the anarcho-punk band Crass. The album was recorded on 29 October 1978, by John Loder at Southern Studios and was released the same year. It was considered revolutionary in its time due to what was considered
Wessex '82
Wessex '82 is a split EP release by UK punk bands The Subhumans, The Pagans, Organised Chaos and The A-Heads. Each band contributed one track to the record. This was also the first vinyl release on the Subhumans' own label, Bluurg Records
Yes Sir, I Will
Yes Sir, I Will was the fifth and penultimate album released in March 1983 by anarcho-punk band Crass. The album is a virulent attack on then-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher and her government in the aftermath of the Falklands War
Ten Notes on a Summer's Day
Ten Notes on a Summer's Day is Crass' final album under the Crass name. It was released in 1986 and consists of a vocal and instrumental version of the same tracks in an avant-garde musical style
Andrei Simonov
Andrei Dmitrievich Simonov was a Russian Armed Forces major general serving as Chief of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the 2nd Army of the Western Military District