SS Yongala

SS Yongala was a passenger and cargo ship that sank off Cape Bowling Green, Queensland, Australia on 23 March 1911. En route from Melbourne to Cairns she steamed into a cyclone and sank south of Townsville.
Scabby Range Nature Reserve
Scabby Range Nature Reserve is a heritage-listed protected area at Sams River Fire Trail, Yaouk, New South Wales, Australia. It was established on 3 December 1982 and added to the former Australian Register of the National Estate on 30 June 1992. It was
Stuart Park, Northern Territory
Stuart Park is an inner suburb of the city of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Loch Sloy
Loch Sloy was a Scottish sailing barque that operated between Great Britain and Australia from the late 19th century until 1899. Her name was drawn from Loch Sloy, a freshwater loch which lies to the north of the Burgh of Helensburgh, in the region of
Wurrwurrwuy stone arrangements
Wurrwurrwuy stone arrangements is a heritage-listed indigenous site at Yirrkala, Northern Territory, Australia. It is also known as Wurrwurrwuy. It was added to the Northern Territory Heritage Register on 15 August 2007 and to the Australian National
Naree Budjong Djara National Park
Naree Budjong Djara National Park is a national park on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia. It contains the former Blue Lake National Park
District Council of Peake
The District Council of Peake was a local government area in the Australian state of South Australia that existed from 1911 to 1997 on land in the state’s south-east
District Council of Meningie
The District Council of Meningie was a local government area in the colony and then the Australian state of South Australia that existed from 1888 to 1997 on land in the state’s south-east
Pizzey Memorial Clock
Pizzey Memorial Clock is a heritage-listed memorial originally located at 63 Churchill Street, Childers, Bundaberg Region, Queensland, Australia. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 21 August 1992 but was removed from the register in June
Poeppel Corner Survey Marker
Poeppel Corner Survey Marker is a heritage-listed survey marker at Poeppel Corner on the border corner of Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory. In Queensland it is with the locality of Birdsville in the Shire of Diamantina. It was added to
Jakub Landovský
Jakub Landovský, is a Czech politician, lawyer, and university pedagogue, who is currently an ambassador to NATO since 5 August 2019. He had served as the Deputy Minister of Defense from 2015 to 2019