A presidency is an administration or the executive, the collective administrative and governmental entity that exists around an office of president of a state or nation. Although often the executive branch of government, and often personified by a single elected person who holds the office of "president", in practice, the presidency includes a much larger collective of people, such as chiefs of staff, advisers and other bureaucrats. Although often led by a single person, presidencies can also be of a collective nature, such as the presidency of the European Union is held on a rotating basis by the various national governments of the member states. Alternatively, the term presidency can also be applied to the governing authority of some churches, and may even refer to the holder of a non-governmental office of president in a corporation, business, charity, university, etc. or the institutional arrangement around them. For example, "the presidency of the Red Cross refused to support his idea." Rules and support to discourage vicarious liability leading to unnecessary pressure and the early termination of term have not been clarified. These may not be as yet supported by state let initiatives. Contributory liability and fraud may be the two most common ways to become removed from term of office and/or to prevent re-election.
Chapelizod House
Chapelizod House, known as the Viceregal Lodge, was a late medieval residence in Chapelizod, at the time a village outside Dublin which in the 1680s was used as a temporary residence for the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland following a fire which had destroyed
Dublin Evening Mail
The Dublin Evening Mail was between 1823 and 1962 one of Dublin's evening newspapers
Hugh Tarpey
Hugh Tarpey was a leading member of the Irish Liberal Party and a supporter of the campaign for Irish home rule. He served as Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1877 and 1878, High Sheriff of Dublin and as a Justice of the Peace in County Clare
Cross (crown)
A cross is the decoration located at the highest level of a crown on top of the monde. Its usage traditionally symbolised the Christian nature of the monarchy of that country, though not all crowns even in monarchies associated with Christianity used a
The Irish Republic
The Irish Republic is a history book written by Dorothy Macardle, first published in 1937, which covers the formation and existence of the Irish Republic, the Irish War of Independence, the Anglo-Irish Treaty and the Irish Civil War, a period which
Cap (crown)
The cap of a crown is the cap which fills the inner space of a modern crown. While ancient crowns contained no cap, from mediaeval times it became traditional to fill the circlet with a cap of velvet or other such cloth, with a base of ermine
Irish Social Season
The Irish Social Season was a period of aristocratic entertainment and social functions that stretched from January to St. Patrick's Day of a given year. During this period, the major and minor nobility left their country residences and lived in Georgian
Executive Powers (Consequential Provisions) Act 1937
The Executive Powers Act, 1937 was an Act of the Oireachtas which retrospectively completed the abolition of the Governor-General of the Irish Free State
Bohermeen is a Roman Catholic parish in the Irish Diocese of Meath. Its English name is a corruption of an ancient Irish language name, An Bóthar Mín, which meant the smooth road. Originally one of the five famed ancient roadways that led from the
Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim
Ch Nadeem Khadim (born January 12, 1970 at Okara, Pakistan is a Pakistani politician and Member of the Pujab Assembly