Pierre Victor, baron Malouet

Pierre Victor, baron Malouet, was a French colonial administrator, planter, conservative publicist and monarchist politician, who signed as an émigré the Whitehall Accord.
Matthias Palbitzki
Matthias Palbitzki was a Swedish diplomat and art-connoisseur. His diplomatic skills were highly appreciated. 1675 he was elevated to Swedish baron
Jan Jacob Mauricius
Jan Jacob Mauricius was a Dutch diplomat, poet, translator and governor of Suriname
Hendrick van Buyten
Hendrick van Buyten was a baker in Delft. He is famous because of his connection to Johannes Vermeer. In August 1663 he owned a painting by Vermeer when he was visited by Balthasar de Monconys. Van Buyten told the diplomat, accompanied by two friends, he
Antonio Pimentel de Prado
Antonio Pimentel de Prado y lo Bianco (Palermo, 1604 - Antwerp was a Spanish officer, a governor of Nieuwpoort, ambassador in Stockholm, Knight of the Order of Santiago, representative in Paris, governor of Cadiz, and at the end of his life counsel and
René-François Dumas
René-François Dumas, born 14 December 1753 in Jussey, in the bailiwick of Amont, was a revolutionary French lawyer and politician, regarded as a "Robespierrist", who died on 28 July 1794 at Paris
Romolo Spezioli
Romolo Spezioli was an Italian doctor and the personal physician of the Ottoboni family, Queen Christina of Sweden, Cardinal Decio Azzolino and of Pope Alexander VIII
Isaac de l'Ostal de Saint-Martin
Isaac de l'Ostal de Saint-Martin was a French chevalier, who came in an unknown year from the Béarn to the Dutch Republic
Hellmuth Lucius von Stoedten
Hellmuth Eduard Ferdinand Lucius von Stoedten, was a German diplomat during WWI
Cornelius Specx
Cornelis Specx is known as a European whom interacted with the Thai court
Hið íslenska kvenfélag
Hið íslenska kvenfélag was an Icelandic women's organization, founded in Reykjavík in 1894