Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

The Philadelphia Naval Shipyard was an important naval shipyard of the United States for almost two centuries.
Norfolk Naval Shipyard
The Norfolk Naval Shipyard, often called the Norfolk Navy Yard and abbreviated as NNSY, is a U.S. Navy facility in Portsmouth, Virginia, for building, remodeling and repairing the Navy's ships. It is the oldest and largest industrial facility that belongs
Grumblethorpe, in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the home of the Wister family, who lived there for over 160 years. It was built in 1744 as a summer residence, but it became the family's year-round residence in 1793. It is a museum, part of
Howell House (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
The Howell House is a historic house in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The three-story stone house was built in 1795 by William Forbes
Holme Avenue Bridge
The Holme Avenue Bridge is a closed-spandrel concrete arch bridge that carries Holme Avenue across Wooden Bridge Run in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ridge Avenue Bridge in Philadelphia
The Ridge Avenue Bridge in Philadelphia is a historic bridge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Conyngham-Hacker House
The Conyngham-Hacker House is a historic house in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 2½-story stone house was built in 1755 by William Forbes. It was known successively as the Conyngham, Wister, and Hacker House. The building
Green Tree Tavern
The Green Tree Tavern, also known as the Marlborough Inn, is a historic building in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Samuel Morris (soldier)
Samuel Morris was an American soldier in the American Revolutionary War. He is the patriarch of one of Philadelphia's most prominent families
1900 Rittenhouse Square Apartments
The 1900 Rittenhouse Square Apartments is a historic high-rise building on Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was built 1923–1926
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