Pierre "Peyo" Culliford was a Belgian comics writer and artist who worked under the pseudonym Peyo. His best-known works are the comic strips The Smurfs and Johan and Peewit, in which the Smurfs first appeared.
Paul Cuvelier
Paul Cuvelier was a Belgian comics artist best known for the comic series Corentin, published by Le Lombard, which first appeared in the first issue of Tintin magazine
Régis Loisel
Régis Loisel is a French cartoonist, best known for the series La Quête de l'oiseau du temps, written by Serge Le Tendre
Jean-Richard Geurts
Jean-Richard Geurts, perhaps better known under his pseudonym Janry, is a Belgian comics artist. With Tome he created Le Petit Spirou and made several Spirou et Fantasio albums
Derib is a Swiss francophone comics creator. He is most well known for creating the comics Buddy Longway and Yakari
Roger Leloup
Roger Leloup is a Belgian comic strip artist, novelist, and a former collaborator of Hergé, who would rely upon him to create detailed, realistic drawings and elaborate decoration for The Adventures of Tintin. He is most famous for the Yoko Tsuno comic
Miyatake Gaikotsu
Miyatake Gaikotsu was a Japanese author, journalist and media historian born in the Kagawa Prefecture. His given name was Miyatake Kameshiro
Francesco Capella
Francesco Capella (1714–1784), called Il Capella and Francesco Dagiu, was a scholar of Giovanni Battista Piazzetta. He was born in Venice, Italy. He painted history, and was chiefly employed for the churches at Bergamo, and by the state. One of his best
Jean Roba
Jean Roba was a Belgian comics author from the Marcinelle school. His best-known work is Boule et Bill
The City (wordless novel)
The City is a 1925 wordless novel by Flemish artist Frans Masereel. In 100 captionless woodcut prints Masereel looks at many facets of life in a big city
Lectures pour tous
Lectures pour tous was the first french television show discussing Literature. The show was created and presented by Pierre Dumayet, it was broadcast from March 27 1953 to May 8 1968, on RTF