Paraphimosis is an uncommon medical condition in which the foreskin of a penis becomes trapped behind the glans penis, and cannot be reduced. If this condition persists for several hours or there is any sign of a lack of blood flow, paraphimosis should be treated as a medical emergency, as it can result in gangrene.
Preputial mucosa
The preputial mucosa of the penis is the epithelium of the inside of the prepuce, or foreskin. To differentiate it from the cutaneous skin of the outside of the prepuce, it is sometimes referred to as the inner mucosa. It starts at the ridged band of the
East Louisiana State Hospital
The East Louisiana State Hospital is a state-operated mental hospital located on Louisiana Highway 10, a short distance east of the town of Jackson, Louisiana in East Feliciana Parish
Posthitis is the inflammation of the foreskin (prepuce) of the penis. It is characterised by swelling and redness on the skin and it may be accompanied by a smelly discharge
John Welch Jones
John Welch Jones, (1826–1916) was a medical doctor, Civil War cavalry officer, superintendent of the Insane Asylum of Louisiana, and planter. Jones led the reform of the care of mentally ill people in late nineteenth century Louisiana
George Hilton Jones III
George Hilton Jones III, D. Phil (Oxon) (1924–2008) was an American Rhodes Scholar, historian, college professor, and author of numerous works on English history
Frank Shelby Groner
Frank Shelby Groner (1877–1943) was a lawyer, pastor of Baptist churches, chairman of the Southern Baptist Hospital Commission, executive secretary of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, director of fund-raising in Texas for the Southern Baptist
John Hill (planter)
John Hill of Homestead Plantation was a wealthy industrialist, sugar planter, philanthropist, and benefactor of Louisiana State University
Royal Navy Submarine School
The Royal Navy Submarine School trains non-officer submariners and is located at HMS Raleigh at Torpoint in Cornwall. In 2017 a plan to relocate the school to HMNB Clyde was announced
Phimosis is a condition in which the ridged band of the akroposthion of the foreskin of the penis cannot stretch to allow it to be pulled back past the glans. A balloon-like swelling under the foreskin may occur with urination. In teenagers and adults, it
Homotopic connectivity
In biology, homotopic connectivity is the connectivity between mirror areas of the human brain hemispheres