The ORDVAC, is an early computer built by the University of Illinois for the Ballistic Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground. A successor to the ENIAC. It was based on the IAS architecture developed by John von Neumann, which came to be known as the von Neumann architecture. The ORDVAC was the first computer to have a compiler. ORDVAC passed its acceptance tests on March 6, 1952, at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Its purpose was to perform ballistic trajectory calculations for the US Military. In 1992, the Ballistic Research Laboratory became a part of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.
The MUSASINO-1 was one of the earliest electronic digital computers built in Japan. Construction started at the Electrical Communication Laboratories of NTT at Musashino, Tokyo in 1952 and was completed in July 1957. The computer was used until July 1962
The RAYDAC was a one-of-a-kind computer built by Raytheon. It was started in 1949 and finished in 1953. It was installed at the Naval Air Missile Test Center at Point Mugu, California
The ILLIAC II was a revolutionary super-computer built by the University of Illinois that became operational in 1962
The ILLIAC I, a pioneering computer in the ILLIAC series of computers built in 1952 by the University of Illinois, was the first computer built and owned entirely by a United States educational institution
Jacksonville Jewish Center
What became the Jacksonville Jewish Center was formed by Orthodox Jewish families in Jacksonville, Florida. The congregation incorporated as the Hebrew Orthodox Congregation B'nai Israel in 1901. The congregation grew and a synagogue was built at the
Statesboro City Hall and Fire Station
The Statesboro City Hall and Fire Station is a historic structure in Statesboro, Georgia. It is located at the corner of Siebald Street and Courtland Street, immediately northeast of the courthouse square. It is a one-story brick building of commercial
Downtown Douglas Historic District
The Downtown Douglas Historic District is located in Douglas, Georgia and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1993. It is roughly bounded by Jackson Street, Pearl Avenue, Cherry Street, and the Georgia-Florida Railroad
Terrell-Sadler House
The Terrell-Sadler House near Eatonton, Georgia was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. It is located at 122 Harmony Road
Old Banks County Courthouse
The Old Banks County Courthouse is in Homer, Georgia. Construction started in 1860 but was interrupted because of the American Civil War. Construction was paid for with $6,600 in Confederate money. Construction was finished in 1875. The building is a two
Disinformation Governance Board
The Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) was an advisory board of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), announced on April 27, 2022. The board's stated function is to protect national security by disseminating guidance to DHS agencies