Non serviam

Non serviam is Latin for "I will not serve". The phrase is traditionally attributed to Satan, who is thought to have spoken these words as a refusal to serve God in heaven.
Ericsson Radio Systems
Ericsson Radio Systems AB was the name of a wholly owned subsidiary in the Ericsson sphere, founded January 1, 1983 by buying out all former owners of Svenska Radioaktiebolaget (SRA). The company was well known in Scandinavia and elsewhere in the 1980s
Headquarters of the United Nations meditation room
Headquarters of the United Nations meditation room is a room in the Headquarters of the United Nations created during its construction especially to the specifications of Dag Hammarskjöld. The room contains a woven fabric mural with a geometric pattern
The Word Hoard
The Word Hoard was a large body of text produced by author William S. Burroughs between roughly 1954 and 1958
John-Erik Franzén
John-Erik Franzén is a Swedish artist, mainly a painter, born in Stockholm, most known for several large paintings portraying cars and motorcycles, as well as being the artist behind the portrait of the royal family of Sweden added to the public
Johannes Jacobus Poortman
Johannes Jacobus Poortman, studied philosophy and psychology at Groningen University under Professor Gerardus Heymans. In 1919 he received his Master of Arts; many years later he would also earn a Ph.D. He was also a theosophist
Martin Wiberg
Martin Wiberg was a Swedish inventor. He enrolled at Lund University in 1845 and became a Doctor of Philosophy in 1850
Ericsson Mobile Communications
Ericsson Mobile Communications AB was a subsidiary of Ericsson, entirely focused on development of mobile phones (handsets). The major offices were located in Lund, Kumla, Raleigh, North Carolina and Lynchburg, Virginia
The Dwarf (Lagerkvist novel)
The Dwarf is a 1944 novel by Pär Lagerkvist. It is considered his most important and artistically innovative novel. It was translated into English by Alexandra Dick in 1945
Eitr is a substance in Norse mythology. This liquid substance is the origin of all living things: the first giant Ymir was conceived from eitr. The substance is supposed to be very poisonous and is also produced by Jörmungandr and other serpents
Snoop Conner
Jarod Devon "Snoop" Conner is an American football running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Ole Miss