Museum of Work

The Museum of Work is a museum located in Norrköping, Sweden. The museum is located in the Strykjärn, a former weaving mill in the old industrial area on the Motala ström river in the city centre of Norrköping. The former textile factory Holmens Bruk (sv) operated in the building from 1917 to 1962.
The New Museum (Sweden)
The New Museum is a private museum located in the previous Mission Covenant Church in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Stureparken is a small park in the borough of Östermalm in Stockholm, Sweden. The park is situated at the corner of Östermalmsgatan / Sturegatan. The park began construction in 1906. Stureparken is surrounded by several architecturally interesting
Adolph B. Benson
Adolph B. Benson, born Adolph Berndt Bengtsson, was an American scholar, educator and literary historian. Adolph Benson's research focused primarily on the study of Swedish-American culture
Linköping Castle
Linköping Castle is situated at Linköping in Östergötland, Sweden. It stands opposite Linköping Cathedral
Gustav Henriksen
Gustav Severin Henriksen was a Norwegian Shipping Executive
Trøym is a village and the site of the administrative center of Hemsedal municipality in Buskerud county, Norway
Svinndal is a village and parish in the municipality of Våler, Østfold, Norway. The population of the village (2009) is 353. Svinndal shares its coat-of-arms with Våler
Tinnoset is a village in the municipality of Notodden in Telemark, Norway. It is located at the southernmost end of Lake Tinn (Tinnsjå). Tinnoset Station is the terminus of the Tinnoset Line, a 30-kilometer (19 mi) long railway line that went from
Sätra is a suburb in the district in Söderort in Stockholm, Sweden
Remy's Ratatouille Adventure
Remy's Ratatouille Adventure also known as Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy is a motion-based trackless 3D dark ride, based on the 2007 Disney-Pixar animated film Ratatouille, located at Disneyland Paris's Walt Disney Studios Park in