Monopsychism is the belief that all humans share the same eternal consciousness, soul, mind and intellect. It is also a recurring feature in many mystical traditions.
New Trolls Atomic System
New Trolls Atomic System were an Italian progressive rock band which released one record in the early 1970s, New Trolls Atomic System. The album spawned a single, "Una notte sul Monte Calvo", a symphonic rock cover of Modest Mussorgsky's A Night on Bare
IL Varegg
Idrettslaget Varegg is a sports club in Bergen. It has sections for football, orienteering, cross-country skiing and track and field
William Stetson Merrill
William Stetson Merrill was an American librarian at Newberry Library, who also contributed to the fields of library classification and history. He was the author of A Code for Classifiers in the period 1912 to 1939, and was connected to the American
I Giganti
I Giganti are an Italian pop band founded in 1964
Årstad Idrettslag
Årstad Idrettslag is a Norwegian sports team and former association football club based in Årstad, Bergen
Quella Vecchia Locanda
Quella Vecchia Locanda or QVL were an Italian progressive rock, symphonic rock or chamber music musical group from Rome formed in 1970. The band released two studio albums, in 1972 and 1974
Mezquita (band)
Mezquita were a Spanish rock band. In 1979, they released Recuerdos de mi tierra, a mix of flamenco-rock and progressive rock. They released a second album, Califas del rock, in 1981
Ensemble neoN
Ensemble neoN is a contemporary classical music ensemble
Silje Aker Johnsen
Silje Marie Aker Johnsen is a Norwegian soprano and dancer. She is a member of Ensemble neoN, and a former member of Det Norske Solistkor
Federico Ruiz (composer)
Federico Ruiz Hurtado is a Venezuelan composer, arranger, and arts administrator. He has composed in diverse genres including symphonic, chamber, and electroacoustic music