Mencius ; born Mèng Kē ; or Mèngzǐ was a Chinese Confucian philosopher who has often been described as the "second Sage", that is, after only Confucius himself. He is part of Confucius' fourth generation of disciples. Mencius inherited Confucius' ideology and developed it further. Living during the Warring States period, he is said to have spent much of his life travelling around the states offering counsel to different rulers. Conversations with these rulers form the basis of the Mencius, which would later be canonised as a Confucian classic.
Bo Qin
Bo Qin, also known as Qin Fu (禽父), was the founder of the State of Lu during the early Zhou dynasty
Four Sages
The Four Sages, Assessors, or Correlates are four eminent Chinese philosophers in the Confucian tradition. They are traditionally accorded a kind of sainthood and their spirit tablets are prominently placed in Confucian temples, two upon the east and two
Wali Khan (khoja)
Wali Khan was a member of the Ak Taghliq clan of East Turkestan Khojas, who invaded Kashgaria from the Kokand during the Afaqi Khoja revolts on several occasions in the 1850s, and succeeded in ruling Kashgar for a short while
Ghiyāth al-dīn Naqqāsh
Mawlānā Ghiyāth al-dīn Naqqāsh was an envoy of the Timurid ruler of Persia and Transoxania, Mirza Shahrukh, to the court of the Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China, known for an important account he wrote of his embassy. His name has also
Thomas of Tolentino
Thomas of Tolentino was a medieval Franciscan missionary who was martyred with his three companions in Thane, India, for "blaspheming" Muhammad. His relics were removed to Quanzhou, China, and Tolentino, Italy, by Odoric of Pordenone. He is now venerated
Ma Fulu
Ma Fulu, a Chinese Muslim, was the son of General Ma Qianling and the brother of Ma Fucai, Ma Fushou and Ma Fuxiang. He was a middle born son
Zhou Dunyi
Zhou Dunyi was a Chinese cosmologist, philosopher, and writer during the Song Dynasty. He conceptualized the Neo-Confucian cosmology of the day, explaining the relationship between human conduct and universal forces. In this way, he emphasizes that humans
Yan Hui
Yan Hui was a Chinese philosopher. He was the favorite disciple of Confucius and one of the most revered figures of Confucianism. He is venerated in Confucian temples as one of the Four Sages
Heavenly Queen Temple (Melbourne)
The Heavenly Queen Temple is a temple dedicated to Mazu or Tian Shang Sheng Mu (天上聖母), Chinese Goddess of Sea and Patron Deity of fishermen, sailors and any occupations related to sea/ocean, also regarded as Ancestral Deity for Lim (林) Clan. The
Margaret Leshikar-Denton
Margaret E. "Peggy" Leshikar-Denton is an archaeologist specialising in underwater archaeology, and director of the Cayman Islands National Museum