Maurice Tourneux

Maurice Tourneux was a French man of letters and bibliographer.
Prix Ève Delacroix
Le prix Ève-Delacroix is one of the prizes bestowed by the Académie française. The award which was established in 1977 by the Ève-Delacroix foundation is intended "for the author of a work combining literary qualities with the meaning of the dignity
Yannick Haenel
Yannick Haenel is a French writer, cofounder of the literary magazine Ligne de risque
Louis Abel Beffroy de Reigny
Louis Abel Beffroy de Reigny, was a French dramatist and man of letters
Jean Galbert de Campistron
Jean Galbert de Campistron was a French dramatist
Frédéric de Courcy
Frédéric de Courcy, born Frédéric Charlot de Courcy was a French dramatist, poet and chansonnier
Paul Milliet
Paul Milliet was a French playwright and librettist of the Parisian Belle Époque
Pierre Carmouche
Pierre Carmouche was a French playwright and chansonnier. He wrote more than 200 successful plays, comedies, comédies en vaudevilles and texts for opéras comiques, in collaboration with diverse authors - Brazier, Dumersan, Mélesville, de Courcy, etc
Jules-Martial Regnault de Prémaray
Jules-Martial Regnault de Prémaray was a French author. He was literary editor of la Patrie. He published several poems, dramas and vaudevilles
Pierre-Louis Ginguené
Pierre-Louis Ginguené was a French author
Beth Killoran
Beth Anne Killoran is an American information technology executive and civil servant. She is the deputy chief information officer (CIO) of the General Services Administration. Killoran was previously the CIO of the United States Department of Health and