Matthew Newcomen

Matthew Newcomen was an English nonconformist churchman.
James Scholefield
James Scholefield, English classical scholar, was born at Henley-on-Thames
Edward Fowler (bishop)
Edward Fowler was an English churchman, Bishop of Gloucester from 1691 until his death
Thomas Tanner (writer)
Thomas Tanner (1630–1682) was an English clergyman and writer, the author of The Entrance of Mazzarini
James Dodson (mathematician)
James Dodson FRS (c.1705–1757) was a British mathematician, actuary and innovator in the insurance industry
Leigh Canham
Leigh Canham is a British scientist who has pioneered the optoelectronic and biomedical applications of porous silicon
Richard Shilleto
Richard Shilleto, English classical scholar, was born at Ulleskelf in Yorkshire
Guillaume Durand (nephew)
Guillaume Durand was a French clergyman, a nephew of a more famous Guillaume Durand, nicknamed "The Speculator
Richard Ferrybridge
Richard Ferrybridge was an English Scholastic logician of the fourteenth century
Seán Jennett
Seán Jennett, now known as an author of many travel books, was a typographer for Faber and Faber, who published his The Making of Books (1951). He is also a published poet. He is from Yorkshire, of Irish extraction
Margaret Leshikar-Denton
Margaret E. "Peggy" Leshikar-Denton is an archaeologist specialising in underwater archaeology, and director of the Cayman Islands National Museum