María Conchita Alonso

María Concepción Alonso Bustillo, better known as María Conchita Alonso, is a singer, actress and former beauty queen.
Judy's Little No-No
Judy's Little No-No is a 1969 crime film about a go-go dancer who is targeted by gangsters after coming into possession of a priceless jewel. The film was directed and written by Sherman Price and stars Elisa Ingram, John Davis Lodge, and Joe E. Ross
The Learning Curve
The Learning Curve is a 2001 American thriller film about two Los Angeles nightclub scenesters who team up as con artists. It explores themes of ruthless ambition and its consequences. The film was directed by Eric Schwab, and stars Carmine Giovinazzo
Fun and Games (1971 film)
Fun and Games is a 1971 British sexploitation film directed by Ray Austin. It stars Alexandra Hay as an oversexed teenage girl who causes havoc among the inmates of a British prison which is governed by her father. The cast also includes Sandor Elès
Last Call (1991 film)
Last Call is a 1991 American erotic thriller film about a woman who decides to take revenge on an estate agent who killed her mother. The film was directed by Jag Mundhra, and stars William Katt, Shannon Tweed, and Joseph Campanella
Sylvia (1985 film)
Sylvia is a 1985 biographical film about New Zealand educator Sylvia Ashton-Warner, inspired by two of her books. The film was directed and co-written by New Zealander Michael Firth, and stars British actor Eleanor David as Ashton-Warner, alongside Tom
Rachel River
Rachel River is a 1987 comedy-drama film about a young journalist who returns to her Minnesota hometown to reexamine her life. The film was directed by Sandy Smolan, and stars Pamela Reed, Ailene Cole, Don Cosgrove, and Craig T. Nelson
Heaven (1987 film)
Heaven is a 1987 documentary film about beliefs concerning the afterlife and heaven in particular. The film was written and directed by Diane Keaton, and features a soundtrack by Howard Shore
Tigershark (film)
Tigershark is a 1987 action film directed by Emmett Alston and starring Mike Stone, John Quade, and Pamela Bryant. Its plot concerns a martial arts instructor who sets out to rescue his girlfriend who is being held for ransom by a South American warlord
Julia Has Two Lovers
Julia Has Two Lovers is a 1991 romantic comedy-drama about a woman who takes up with a mysterious stranger after she grows tired of her current boyfriend. The film was directed by Bashar Shbib, and stars Daphna Kastner, David Duchovny and David Charles
Lectures pour tous
Lectures pour tous was the first french television show discussing Literature. The show was created and presented by Pierre Dumayet, it was broadcast from March 27 1953 to May 8 1968, on RTF