Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recognizes U.S. organizations in the business, health care, education, and nonprofit sectors for performance excellence. The Baldrige Award is the only formal recognition of the performance excellence of both public and private U.S. organizations given by the President of the United States. It is administered by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, which is based at and managed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
William S. O'Brien
William S. O'Brien was an American businessman who formed a business partnership with fellow Irishmen James Graham Fair, James C. Flood, and John William Mackay, the Consolidated Virginia Mining Company. The four dealt in mining stocks and operated silver
Peter Chardon Brooks
Peter Chardon Brooks was a wealthy Massachusetts merchant
James Clair Flood
James Clair Flood was an American businessman who made a fortune thanks to the Comstock Lode in Nevada. His mining operations are recounted to this day as an outstanding example of what may be done with a rich ore body and a genius for stock manipulation
National Civic League
The National Civic League is an American nonpartisan, non-profit organization founded in 1894 with a mission to advance civic engagement to create equitable, thriving communities. The League envisions a country where the full diversity of community
Multi-vari chart
In quality control, multi-vari charts are a visual way of presenting variability through a series of charts. The content and format of the charts has evolved over time
In statistical quality control, the u-chart is a type of control chart used to monitor "count"-type data where the sample size is greater than one, typically the average number of nonconformities per unit
Allied Master Chemists of Australia Limited (Amcal) is an Australian pharmacy retailer and was founded by Major General C. H. Simpson on 13 July 1937, starting a movement that was to greatly influence pharmacy in Australia. The founding group consisted of
Canada Awards for Excellence
The Canada Awards for Excellence are the national quality awards of Canada. They are administered by Excellence Canada, a not-for-profit organization on behalf of the Governor General of Canada. Industry Canada established the awards in 1984 as the
Israel Thorndike
Israel Thorndike was an American merchant, politician, and industrialist. He made a fortune in privateering and the China trade, was active in Federalist party politics during the Thomas Jefferson and James Madison administrations, and later was one of
Jakub Landovský
Jakub Landovský, is a Czech politician, lawyer, and university pedagogue, who is currently an ambassador to NATO since 5 August 2019. He had served as the Deputy Minister of Defense from 2015 to 2019