Madame Roland

Marie-Jeanne 'Manon' Roland de la Platière, born Marie-Jeanne Phlipon, and best known under the name Madame Roland, was a French revolutionary, salonnière and writer.
Julius Caesar Aranzi
Julius Caesar Aranzi was a leading figure in the history of the science of human anatomy
Paul Elmer More
Paul Elmer More was an American journalist, critic, essayist and Christian apologist
Henry Crosby Emery
Henry Crosby Emery was an American economist
Chauncey Ives Filley
Chauncey Ives Filley was a United States politician active in Missouri
Lucie Coutaz
Lucie Coutaz was a French clerical worker who belonged to the French Resistance during the Second World War and afterwards assisted Abbé Pierre in setting up the charity Emmaus
Theophilus Parsons (professor)
Theophilus Parsons (1797–1882) was Dane Professor of Law at Harvard from 1848 to 1870
Charlotte Ashburnham, Countess of Ashburnham
Charlotte Ashburnham, Countess of Ashburnham, formerly Lady Charlotte Percy, was the second wife of George Ashburnham, 3rd Earl of Ashburnham, and the mother of the fourth earl
Zina Morhange
Zenaida Paley, better known as Zina Morhange was a Polish-born French physician and a member of the French Resistance during the Second World War
Western Sanitary Commission
The Western Sanitary Commission was a private agency based in St. Louis that was a rival of the larger U.S. Sanitary Commission. It operated in the west during the American Civil War to help the U.S. Army deal with sick and wounded soldiers. It was led by
Pimelodella brasiliensis
Pimelodella brasiliensis is a species of three-barbeled catfish of the family Heptapteridae. It is endemic to the Paraíba do Sul river basin in Brazil, although there are unconfirmed records from elsewhere. This species reaches a total length of 18.0 cm