Ludwig Beck

Ludwig August Theodor Beck was a German general and Chief of the German General Staff during the early years of the Nazi regime in Germany before World War II. Although Beck never became a member of the Nazi Party, in the early 1930s he supported Adolf Hitler's forceful denunciation of the Versailles Treaty and belief in the need for Germany to rearm. Beck had grave misgivings regarding the Nazi demand for all German officers to swear an oath of fealty to the person of Hitler in 1934, but Beck believed that Germany needed strong government, which Hitler could successfully provide if the Führer was influenced by traditional elements within the army, rather than by the SA and SS.
Henry Pridham-Wippell
Admiral Sir Henry Daniel Pridham-Wippell, was a Royal Navy officer who served in the First and Second World Wars
Walter Merton
Air Chief Marshal Sir Walter Hugh Merton, was a senior Royal Air Force (RAF) commander during the Second World War. After the war he held several senior RAF appointments before his retirement in 1963
Michael West (British Army officer)
General Sir Michael Montgomerie Alston-Roberts-West,, better known as Sir Michael M.A.R. West, was a senior British Army officer who achieved high office in the 1960s. He served in the Second World War and the Korean War, where he commanded the 1st
Walworth Town Hall
Walworth Town Hall is a municipal building in Walworth Road, Southwark, London. It is a Grade II listed building. It was built for the vestry of the parish of Newington, opening as the Newington Vestry Hall in 1865. When Newington became part of the
Stanley Kirby
Major General Stanley Woodburn Kirby, was a British Army officer who served in both World Wars
Peter Raymond Leuchars
Major-General Peter Raymond Leuchars, was a British Army officer who saw service in north west Europe during the Second World War
John Davis (RAF officer)
Air chief marshal Sir John Gilbert Davis, was a Royal Air Force officer who served as Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief RAF Training Command from 1968 to 1969
George Alexander Weir
General Sir George Alexander Weir was a British Army officer who served in the Second Boer War and the First World War
Thomas Brodie
Major General Thomas Brodie, CB, CBE, DSO was a British Army officer who saw service in World War II, Palestine and the Korean War. After retirement in 1955, he became involved with the British pressure group, the Economic League
Beth Killoran
Beth Anne Killoran is an American information technology executive and civil servant. She is the deputy chief information officer (CIO) of the General Services Administration. Killoran was previously the CIO of the United States Department of Health and