Lord Edward FitzGerald

Lord Edward FitzGerald was an Irish aristocrat who abandoned his prospects as a distinguished veteran of British service in the American War of Independence, and as an Irish Parliamentarian, to embrace the cause of an independent Irish republic. Unable to reconcile with Ireland's Protestant Ascendancy or with the Kingdom's English-appointed administration, he sought inspiration in revolutionary France where, in 1792, he met and befriended Thomas Paine. From 1796 he became a leading proponent within the Society of United Irishmen of a French-assisted insurrection. On the eve of the intended uprising in May 1798 he was fatally wounded in the course of arrest.
Newtownards (Parliament of Ireland constituency)
Newtownards was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons until 1800
Francis Aickin
Francis Aickin, was an Irish actor, who worked at the Edinburgh Theatre in Scotland, and the between 1765 and 1792 in theatres in the West End of London
Henry Luttrell (wit)
Henry Luttrell was an English politician, wit and writer of society verse. He was the illegitimate son of Henry Lawes Luttrell, 2nd Earl of Carhampton, Tory MP and career soldier
Sir David Carnegie, 4th Baronet
Sir David Carnegie of Pitarrow, 4th Baronet FRS FRSE was a Scottish politician and 7th Earl of Southesk, 7th Baron Carnegie of Kinnaird and 7th Baron Carnegie, of Kinnaird and Leuchars
Ralph Neville-Grenville
Ralph Neville-Grenville DL, JP was a British Conservative Party politician
Robert Bruce Aeneas Macleod
Robert Bruce Aeneas Macleod, 3rd Macleod of Cadboll, was Lord Lieutenant of Cromarty from 1794 until 1833, and, a staunch Tory, he sat as the Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Cromartyshire from 1807 to 1812
James MacKnight (agrarian reformer)
James MacKnight (1801-1876) was an Irish journalist and agrarian reformer whose call for Fair Rent, Fixity of Tenure and Free Sale briefly surmounted Ireland's political and sectarian division. In the United Kingdom general election of 1852 the all
William Stewart (Belfast South MP)
William John Stewart was a Unionist politician in Northern Ireland who formed a Progressive Unionist Association to protest "autocratic" tendencies in the Unionist government and its lack of action on unemployment
Roderick Macleod, 4th of Cadboll
Roderick Macleod 4th of Cadboll was a Scottish Whig politician
Barking Riverside Pier
Barking Riverside Pier is a Thames Clippers commuter service pier located on the River Thames at Barking Riverside. Passenger services began on 26 April 2022. The pier provides interchange with Barking Riverside railway station and local bus routes. The