List of tunnels in the Netherlands

This is a list of Tunnels in the Netherlands, for motor vehicles, freight and passenger trains, light rail, and the Netherlands' Metro systems. There are also numerous pedestrian tunnels connected to the stations.
Svein and the Rat
Svein and the Rat is a 2006 Norwegian family film, based on a book with the same name by Marit Nicolaysen. It was directed by Magnus Martens, but he was not satisfied with how it was edited, and decided to remove his credit as a director. There is a 2007
Hoppet (film)
Hoppet is a 2007 motion picture directed by Petter Næss
Conjugation of isometries in Euclidean space
In a group, the conjugate by g of h is ghg−1
Fixed points of isometry groups in Euclidean space
A fixed point of an isometry group is a point that is a fixed point for every isometry in the group. For any isometry group in Euclidean space the set of fixed points is either empty or an affine space
Dennis P.
Dennis P.' is a 2007 Dutch film directed by Pieter Kuijpers. Based on the book An de Haal by Gijsbert Termaat and Tjerk de Vries, the film is about 25-year-old Dennis Phrommer, a former employee of diamond trade company Gassan Diamonds in Amsterdam who
Mon fils à moi
Mon fils a moi is a French 2006 film directed by Martial Fougeron. The film is about an unbalanced mother bullying her 12-year-old son Julien
Through and through
Through and through describes a situation where an object, real or imaginary, passes completely through another object, also real or imaginary. The phrase has several common uses
Interliner is an express bus system in the Netherlands. In this country the backbone of medium and long distance public transport is the railroad system. Long distance buses are used complementarily. While most bus lines have many stops or only span small
Graafstroom (former municipality)
Graafstroom is a former municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland, and the region of Alblasserwaard. The former municipality had a population of 9,697 in 2004, and covered an area of 69.32 km² of which 2.21 km² was
Jakub Landovský
Jakub Landovský, is a Czech politician, lawyer, and university pedagogue, who is currently an ambassador to NATO since 5 August 2019. He had served as the Deputy Minister of Defense from 2015 to 2019