List of mechanical engineers

This is a list of mechanical engineers, noted for their contribution to the field of mechanical engineering.
Chiba New Town
The Chiba New Town development was launched in the 1960s by the Chiba Prefecture of Japan and is located in the northern part of the prefecture, including parts of the cities of Funabashi, Shiroi, and Inzai. With an original target population of over 300
Allied Master Chemists of Australia Limited (Amcal) is an Australian pharmacy retailer and was founded by Major General C. H. Simpson on 13 July 1937, starting a movement that was to greatly influence pharmacy in Australia. The founding group consisted of
Hahn's Shoes
Hahn's Shoes was a Washington, DC area shoe store. It was founded in 1876 by William Hahn, who had arrived in the United States from Germany in 1868 at age 15. By 1890, there were three locations: 816 7th St, NW; 1922 Pennsylvania Ave, NW; and 231
Hess Shoe Store
N. Hess' Sons was a Baltimore, Maryland area shoe store founded in 1872. Privately held, it was acquired from the founding family by a German company in the late 1970s. At its peak in 1989 it had 32 stores, shrinking to 23 stores in 1994 in a conscious
Transport finance
Transport finance is the subject that explores how transport networks are paid for
William Walker McLellan
William Walker McLellan was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He came to the United States at the end of the nineteenth century, and began working at a department store in Newark, New Jersey. He became a manager of the first S. H. Kress store in Memphis
Cy Warman
Cy Warman was an American journalist and author known during his life by the appellation "The Poet Laureate of the Rockies
Nicholas C. Creede
Nicholas C. Creede was an American prospector famous for discovering the Holy Moses Amethyst vein and other mining properties near Creede, Colorado in the late 1880s and early 1890s
PRO Group
PRO Group, Inc. is a retailers' cooperative and distributors' cooperative with over $3 billion in annual sales. It has over 75 distributor-members serving thousands of independent retail stores, and is the largest wholesale marketing organization in the
Cavaleiro, the Portuguese word for "knight" and a common surname, can refer to:Deonise Cavaleiro (1983), Brazilian handball player Fernando Cavaleiro (1917–2012), Portuguese equestrian Ivan Cavaleiro (1993), Portuguese professional footballer Nuno