List of chemical engineers

This is a list of notable chemical engineers, people who studied or practiced chemical engineering. The main list is those who achieved status in chemical engineering or a closely related field such as management or science. At the foot of the page is a list of people with chemical engineering qualifications who are notable for other reasons, such as actors, sportspeople and authors. These are people sufficiently notable to have an article in Wikipedia. Further articles on chemical engineers would be welcome. See the talk page for suggestions of people who should be added to the encyclopedia.
Riki Kobayashi
Riki Kobayashi (1924–2013) was a chemical engineer and a long-time professor of chemical engineering at Rice University. A native of Harris County, Texas, he attended Rice University and earned the Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering at the age
Jack Richardson (chemical engineer)
John Francis Richardson OBE was a UK chemical engineering academic, notable for his research into multiphase flow and rheology, but best known for a series of textbooks
Acid egg
The terms acid egg and montejus are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to a device with no moving parts formerly used instead of a pump in order to transfer difficult liquids. The principle is that a strong vessel containing the liquid is pressurized
Penguin International RFC
The Penguin International Rugby Football Club, usually called the Penguins, is an invitational rugby union team based in Britain but with international players. It was founded in 1959 and has played in 71 countries, claiming to be the most travelled
Pierre Mallet
Pierre Mallet (1836–98) was a French artist known for painted designs on ceramic ware, who mainly worked in England
Joint European Telescope for X-ray astronomy
The Joint European Telescope for X-ray astronomy (JET-X) was a space telescope which was constructed as part of the Spectrum-X-Gamma project and completed in 1994 but never actually launched. It is now on display in the Science Museum, London
Charles Divine
Charles Harding Divine was an American poet and playwright. He was a soldier in the First World War, and his first book of poems in 1918 was praised by reviewers, one of whom said he was one of the most important American poets of the day
Frederic Nathan
Colonel Sir Frederic Lewis Nathan, KBE, was a chemical engineer who played a major part in the supply of munitions in the UK during the First World War
APV plc
APV was the name of a company making process equipment, and remains as a brand name
List of villages in Purba Bardhaman district
This is an alphabetical list of villages in Purba Bardhaman district, West Bengal, India