List of anthropologists

Cecil C. Addle
Cecil C. Addle was a comic strip drawn by Ray Collins that appeared in the Seattle Post Intelligencer from 1975–1979. The main character, Cecil, was apparently a retired or unemployed person who spent his days on the beach near Seattle, talking with his
Vincenzo Gamba
Vincenzo or Vincenzio Gamba (1606–1649), later Vincenzo Galilei (1619), was the illegitimate son of Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) and his mistress Marina Gamba (1570–1612). Vincenzo was legitimated by his father in 1619. Like his grandfather Vincenzo
Mater Matuta
Mater Matuta was an indigenous Latin goddess, whom the Romans eventually made equivalent to the dawn goddess Aurora, and the Greek goddess Eos. Her cult is attested several places in Latium; her most famous temple was located at Satricum. In Rome she had
Oliver Observing Station
The Oliver Observing Station is an independent professional astronomical observatory named after Barnard M. Oliver. It is owned and operated by The Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy (MIRA
Anno Lucis
Anno Lucis is a dating system used in Masonic ceremonial or commemorative proceedings, which is equivalent to the Gregorian year plus 4000. It is similar to Anno Mundi
Wetting-down is a raucous ceremony for newly promoted officers observed in the U.S. and Royal navies, and the U.S. Coast Guard. The U.S. Marines, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps, and U.S. Public Health Service officers also
Seven-number summary
In descriptive statistics, the seven-number summary is a collection of seven summary statistics, and is an extension of the five-number summary. There are three similar, common forms
Lake Sylvia State Park
Lake Sylvia State Park is a 233-acre (94 ha) state-operated, public recreation area in the northern part of Montesano in Grays Harbor County, Washington. The park is located in dense temperate rain forest
Arm ring
An arm ring, also known as an armlet or an armband, is a band of metal, usually a precious metal, worn as jewelry or an ornament around the biceps of the upper arm. The arm ring is similar to a bracelet or bangle, though it must be shaped and sized to fit
List of villages in Purba Bardhaman district
This is an alphabetical list of villages in Purba Bardhaman district, West Bengal, India