Leon Schlesinger

Leon Schlesinger was an American film producer who founded Leon Schlesinger Productions, which later became the Warner Bros. Cartoons studio, during the Golden Age of American animation. He was a distant relative of the Warner Brothers. As head of his own studio, Schlesinger served as the producer of Warner's Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons from 1930, when Schlesinger assumed production from his subcontractors, Harman and Ising, to 1944, when Warner acquired the studio.
Planned liberalism
Planned liberalism is an economic policy followed in Cameroon since the 1960s that aims to merge the best concepts of capitalism and socialism
I'm Gwine ober de Mountain
"I'm Gwine ober de Mountain", also spelled "I'm Going ober de Mountain", is an American song written by the blackface minstrel composer Dan Emmett. The song may be a precursor to "Dixie", as evidenced by its line "Away down south in de Kentuck brake"; in
Clare de Kitchen
"Clare de Kitchen" is an American song from the blackface minstrel tradition. It dates to 1832, when blackface performers such as George Nichols, Thomas D. Rice, and George Washington Dixon began to sing it. These performers and American writers such as T
Ole Bull and Old Dan Tucker
"Ole Bull and Old Dan Tucker" is a traditional American song. Several different versions are known, the earliest published in 1844 by the Boston-based Charles Keith company. The song's lyrics tell of the rivalry and contest of skill between Ole Bull and
Seely Simpkins Jig
"Seely Simpkins Jig" is a song by American songwriter Dan Emmett. Emmett named the song for Seeley Simpkins, a resident of Knox County, Ohio, well known for his fiddle playing and whistling. Simpkins' property neighbored that of Thomas Snowden, a man whom
I Ain't Got Time to Tarry
"I Ain't Got Time to Tarry", also known as "The Land of Freedom", is an American song written by blackface minstrel composer Dan Emmett. It premiered in a minstrel show performance by Bryant's Minstrels in late November 1858. The song was published in New
High Court of Justice (Cameroon)
The High Court of Justice is a political court in Cameroon. The court judges high-ranking members of the government of Cameroon, including the president, prime minister, ministers, and vice ministers, in the event that they are charged with high treason
Regional Council (Cameroon)
Regional councils are, nominally, the governing bodies of the regions of Cameroon. As defined by the Constitution of Cameroon, the councils have control of cultural, economic, educational, health-related, social, and sport-related issues in the regions
Mouloudou is a settlement in the East Province of Cameroon. Of the tropical forest in the area, 1,082,454 km2 is protected for community hunting. Mouloudou was the site of a German station during the colonial period. The station was set up by Hans
Weiss WM-16
The Weiss WM-16 was a reconnaissance/bomber aircraft developed by the Manfred Weiss company in 1933. It was developed from the Fokker C.V, of which 76 served in the Hungarian Air Force. Two major versions were built: The WM-16A, which used a 410 kW Gnome