Konstantin von Neurath

Konstantin Hermann Karl Freiherr von Neurath was a German diplomat who served as Foreign Minister of Germany between 1932 and 1938.
Max Amann
Max Amann was a high-ranking member of the Nazi Party, a German politician, businessman and art collector, including of looted art. He was the first business manager of the Nazi Party and later became the head of Eher Verlag, the official Nazi Party
Hanns Kerrl
Hanns Kerrl was a German Nazi politician. His most prominent position, from July 1935, was that of Reichsminister of Church Affairs. He was also President of the Prussian Landtag (1932–1933) and head of the Zweckverband Reichsparteitag Nürnberg and in
Franz Gürtner
Franz Gürtner was a German Minister of Justice in the governments of Franz von Papen, Kurt von Schleicher and Adolf Hitler. Gürtner was responsible for coordinating jurisprudence in the Third Reich and provided official sanction and legal grounds for a
Johannes Popitz
Johannes Popitz was a Prussian finance minister and a member of the German Resistance against the government of Nazi Germany. He was the father of Heinrich Popitz, an important German sociologist
Albert Krebs
Albert Krebs was the Nazi Gauleiter in Hamburg in the time of the Third Reich
Werner von Blomberg
Werner Eduard Fritz von Blomberg was a German General Staff officer and the first Minister of War in Adolf Hitler's government. After serving on the Western Front in World War I, Blomberg was appointed chief of the Truppenamt during the Weimar Republic
Hans Zimmermann
Hans Zimmermann was a German Nazi Party official. He served as the Acting Gauleiter of Gau Franconia between February 1940 and April 1942
Alfred Meyer
Gustav Alfred Julius Meyer was a Nazi Party official and politician. He joined the Nazi Party in 1928 and was the Gauleiter of North Westphalia from 1931 to 1945, the Oberpräsident of the Province of Westphalia from 1938 to 1945 and the Reichsstatthalter
Fritz Reinhardt
Friedrich Rudolph (Fritz) Reinhardt was an official in the Nazi Party (NSDAP) and in the government of the Third Reich, most notably, State Secretary in the German Finance Ministry
Andrei Simonov
Andrei Dmitrievich Simonov was a Russian Armed Forces major general serving as Chief of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the 2nd Army of the Western Military District