Kodachrome is the brand name for a color reversal film introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1935. It was one of the first successful color materials and was used for both cinematography and still photography. For many years Kodachrome was widely used for professional color photography, especially for images intended for publication in print media. Because of its complex processing requirements, the film was sold process-paid in the United States until 1954, when a legal ruling prohibited that. However, the arrangement continued in other markets.
Ilford Delta
Ilford Delta is a series of photographic films manufactured by Harman Technology Limited. Delta films are tabular-grain black-and-white films, and originally released in 400 ISO only to compete with Kodak's T-Max film
Ektachrome is a brand name owned by Kodak for a range of transparency, still, and motion picture films previously available in many formats, including 35 mm and sheet sizes to 11 × 14 inch size. Ektachrome has a distinctive look that became familiar to
RA-4 process
RA-4 is Kodak's proprietary name for the chemical process most commonly used to make color photographic prints. It is used for both minilab wet silver halide digital printers of the types most common today in photo labs and drug stores, and for prints
Yaw damper (railroad)
A yaw damper is a transverse mounted shock absorber used to prevent railcars and locomotives from swaying excessively from side to side. Yaw dampers prevent locomotives and passenger railcars from striking station platforms as they roll past them and
Eastman Color Positive
Eastman Color Positive (ECP) is a photographic processing system created by Kodak in the 1950s for the development of monopack color positive print for direct projection motion picture film stock. It is part of the Eastmancolor family of products sold by
Pete's Dragon
Pete's Dragon is the title of two Disney live-action films:Pete's Dragon Pete's Dragon
Lode (name)
Lode may refer to:Lode Aerts, bishop of Bruges, Belgium Lode Anthonis (1922–1992), Belgian racing cyclist Lode Campo (1926–2009), Flemish Belgian business executive Lode Ceyssens, Flemish politician Lode Claes, Belgian journalist, lawyer and
Proinsias is a given name. Notable people with the name include
Gmina Fabianki
Gmina Fabianki is a rural gmina in Włocławek County, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, in north-central Poland. Its seat is the village of Fabianki, which lies approximately 9 kilometres (6 mi) north-east of Włocławek and 49 km (30 mi) south-east of
Roseline may refer to:Roseline Chepngetich, Kenyan steeplechase runner Roseline Delisle (1952–2003), Canadian ceramic artist Roseline Éloissaint, Haitian footballer Roseline Filion, retired Canadian diver Roseline Fonkwa, Cameroonian movie producer and