Knowledge Ecology International

Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) is a non-governmental organization. It was founded by Ralph Nader in 1995 and was then called Consumer Project on Technology. It deals with issues related to the effects of intellectual property on public health, cyberlaw and e-commerce, and competition policy. It has fought the Microsoft monopoly, the ICANN monopoly, software patents, and business method patents. It has supported free software in government, open access for the Internet, and privacy regulation. KEI works on access to medicines, including a major effort on compulsory licensing of patents. Beginning in 2002, CPTech began to work with Tim Hubbard and others on a new trade framework for medical research and development (R&D). In the context of current bilateral agreements, this is referred to as R&D+, which in contrast to TRIPS+ approaches.
Participation constraint (mechanism design)
In game theory, and particularly mechanism design, participation constraints or rational participation constraints are said to be satisfied if a mechanism leaves all participants at least as well-off as they would have been if they hadn't participated
Statutory damages for copyright infringement
Statutory damages for copyright infringement are available under some countries' copyright laws
Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race waterspout
The south coast tornado was a tornadic waterspout spawned by a supercell thunderstorm off the south coast of New South Wales on 26 December 2001, during the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The tornado passed very close to the yacht Nicorette II, which was
The Uneasy Case for Copyright
"The Uneasy Case for Copyright: A Study of Copyright in Books, Photocopies, and Computer Programs" was an article in the Harvard Law Review by future United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer in 1970, while he was still a legal academic. The
Sandon tornado
The Sandon tornado struck the township of Sandon, Victoria, Australia on 13 November 1976. The tornado is likely to have been an F3 on the Fujita scale. It killed two people when their parked car was picked up and lifted around 9 metres off the ground
Berne three-step test
The Berne three-step test is a clause that is included in several international treaties on intellectual property. Signatories of those treaties agree to standardize possible limitations and exceptions to exclusive rights under their respective national
Bucca tornado
The Bucca tornado was one of the most violent tornadoes ever observed in Australia, being the first Australian tornado to be officially rated F4 on the Fujita scale. It occurred near the township of Bucca in Queensland on 29 November 1992 at around 2:20pm
Excess burden of taxation
In economics, the excess burden of taxation, also known as the deadweight cost or deadweight loss of taxation, is one of the economic losses that society suffers as the result of taxes or subsidies. Economic theory posits that distortions change the
Generalized System of Preferences
The Generalized System of Preferences, or GSP, is a preferential tariff system which provides tariff reduction on various products. The concept of GSP is very different from the concept of "most favored nation" (MFN). MFN status provides equal treatment
2022 World Indoor Bowls Championship
The 2022 Just World Indoor Bowls Championship will take place at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, from 7–23 January 2022. The event is organised by the World Bowls Tour, and will be televised by the BBC and streamed live