Joseph-Marie Quérard

Joseph Marie Quérard was a French bibliographer.
Renée-Élisabeth Marlié
Renée-Élisabeth Marlié was an 18th-century French engraver
Louis-François Jauffret
Louis-François Jauffret was an 18th–19th-century French educator, poet and fabulist. Gaspard-André Jauffret, bishop of Metz, Jean-Baptiste Jauffret, director of the imperial institution of the deaf in St. Petersburg and Joseph Jauffret, master of
Pierre-Thomas-Nicolas Hurtaut
Pierre-Thomas-Nicolas Hurtaut was an 18th-century French historian and writer
Maurice Froyez
Alexandre Casimir Maurice Froyez was a French actor, author and journalist, mostly remembered as show organiser and playwright as well as for his friendly bonds with Edmond Rostand
Nicolas Boindin
Nicolas Boindin was an 18th-century French writer and playwright
Edmé-François Mallet
Edmé-François Mallet, also abbé Mallet, was an 18th-century French theologian and encyclopédiste
Adrien-Michel-Hyacinthe Blin de Sainmore
Adrien-Michel-Hyacinthe Blin de Sainmore was an 18th–century French poet, playwright and historian
Antoine Bret
Antoine Bret was an 18th-century French writer and playwright
Fabio Sticotti
Fabio Sticotti was an 18th-century Parisian comic actor. The husband of opera singer Ursula Astori, he arrived in Paris in 1716 and began acting only in 1733, in the role of Pantalone. He was a member of the Comédie
Laura Niedernhofer
Laura J. Niedernhofer is an American professor of biochemistry, molecular biology, and biophysics, known "as a leader in the field of DNA damage and repair, and how DNA damage contributes to aging