John Fiske (philosopher)

John Fiske was an American philosopher and historian.
Charles Foster Kent
Charles Foster Kent was an American Old Testament scholar
Ralph Stockman Tarr
Ralph Stockman Tarr was an American geographer
Charles Burr Todd
Charles Burr Todd was an American historian
Henry Crosby Emery
Henry Crosby Emery was an American economist
John White Chadwick
John White Chadwick was an American writer and clergyman of the Unitarian Church
Johann Baptista Baltzer
Johann Baptista Baltzer was a German Catholic theologian
Ernst von Plener
Ernst Baron von Plener was an Austrian statesman, son of Ignaz von Plener
William Pleater Davidge
William Pleater Davidge was an English comedian, who came to the United States in 1850 and became identified with the American Stage
Charles Kittredge True
Charles Kittredge True was a United States Methodist Episcopal clergyman, educator, and author
Stanton Peak
Stanton Peak is a granitic mountain with a summit elevation of 11,695 feet (3,565 m) located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Tuolumne County of northern California, United States. The remote summit is set within Yosemite National Park, and is