Jean François de Saint-Lambert

Jean François de Saint-Lambert was a French poet, philosopher and military officer.
Quinault family
The Quinault family were French actors, active in the first half of the 18th century.Jean Quinault was the father of this family. He was born at Bourges around 1656 or 1658, and died before June 1728. Said to be the son of a doctor from Issoudun, he
Abraham-Alexis Quinault, called Quinault-Dufresne, was a French actor. He was a member of the Quinault family of actors
Jeanne Quinault
Jeanne Quinault was a French actress, playwright and salon hostess
François-Antoine Devaux
François-Antoine Devaux was a Lorraine poet and man of letters. He was called Panpan by his friends
Letters from a Peruvian Woman
Letters from a Peruvian Woman is a 1747 epistolary novel by Françoise de Graffigny. It tells the story of Zilia, a young Incan princess, who is abducted from the Temple of the Sun by the Spanish during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. In a series
Françoise de Graffigny
Françoise de Graffigny, better known as Madame de Graffigny, was a French novelist, playwright and salon hostess
Sophie d'Houdetot
Elisabeth Françoise Sophie Lalive de Bellegarde, Comtesse d'Houdetot was a French noblewoman. She is remembered primarily for the brief but intense love she inspired in Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1757, but she was also for fifty years in a relationship
Château de Commercy
The Château de Commercy is a castle in the town of Commercy, in the Meuse department of France. It was the principal residence of the reigning Prince of Commercy and was built by Charles Henri de Lorraine. The site, château and grounds, was classified
Louis de Boissy
Louis de Boissy was an 18th-century French poet and playwright. He was elected to seat 6 of the Académie française on 12 August 1754. He wrote satires and several comedies, of which the best is Les Dehors trompeurs ou l'Homme du jour, the great success
Beth Killoran
Beth Anne Killoran is an American information technology executive and civil servant. She is the deputy chief information officer (CIO) of the General Services Administration. Killoran was previously the CIO of the United States Department of Health and