Istanbul cymbals

Istanbul is the name of two brands of cymbals, Istanbul Agop and Istanbul Mehmet, made in Istanbul using traditional cymbal making methods. Another product range of the Agop factory is Istanbul Alchemy.
Drum hardware pack
A drum hardware pack is a collection of drum hardware sold either as a set for use with a drum kit or bundled with the kit
Top cap
In vacuum tube technology, a top cap is a terminal at the top of the tube envelope that connects one of the electrodes, the other electrodes being connected via the tube socket
Magnetone was a brand of Maton Guitars under which their first electric guitars and guitar amplifiers were sold
Rim mount
A rim mount is a drum kit accessory that allows a drum to be supported without any contact to its shell. The rim mount attaches instead to the drum rim or hoop
Rhythm Tech
Rhythm Tech is a manufacturer of percussion instruments, particularly known for the production of a crescent-shaped tambourine which is now featured in the Museum of Modern Art and which has since spawned many imitators
Cymbal pack
A cymbal pack is a set of cymbals sold together for use in a drum kit
Pole piece
A pole piece is a structure composed of material of high magnetic permeability that serves to direct the magnetic field produced by a magnet. A pole piece attaches to and in a sense extends a pole of the magnet, hence the name
Cymbal stand
A cymbal stand is a stand designed primarily to support a suspended cymbal in a drum kit or percussion section
The sistil is a South American lute with twelve strings in six courses and a scale length intermediate between a guitar and a mandolin
Discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun
The tomb of Tutankhamun, in the Valley of the Kings, was discovered in 1922 by excavators led by Egyptologist Howard Carter. Whereas the tombs of most pharaohs had been plundered in ancient times, Tutankhamun's tomb had been hidden by debris for most of